Monday October 29th 2012.

Dull with a touch of mist this morning but dry enough for an easy ride. A short detour was made to photograph, now the dense foliage has died-back a little, a few heavy old ooparts that still line the tracks in the local forest.
At this time of year, too, a watch is kept for ghosts etc.
But, at times, the tow-paths are a bit bleak and cold, at this time of year, even for those!
As the, once high, hedgerows die-back, some photographs are easier to take, particularly across the river Irwell as one of the newer Metrolink trams goes over the older, Lattice Bridge.
And, as I get closer, a Heron decides if I’m Food or Foe!
While a couple of ‘local’ swans edge past the overcrowded bullrushes by the canal overflow.
From there, along medieval Hinds Lane, where the Dogwood trees swish rusty red, a few more photographs were taken. But, for some reason, all of them taken along that old cobbled path, were thwarted by some Gremlin or other…
…it is though, I’ve heard, haunted down there…

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