Monthly Archives: October 2012

Sunday October 21st 2012.

Very sunny for the run this morning and, being a bit later than usual, I was, at times, in the midst of trendily-dressed, expensively-biked cyclists as they followed parts of my route. In woollie-hat, fleeced padded jacket and steel-capped boots I must have stuck-out like a sore thumb!
…as they shot past me…
Then again; I can call-in at ASDA’s and not raise eyebrows or worry about me bike being pinched!

Saturday October 20th 2012.

Perfect pedalling weather early-on with no wind and even on the main road, on the way home, the traffic was light and the cycle-lane wide.
While on the old railway track, that runs over Daisyfield viaduct at Bury, a detour back across the viaduct was made to see if a sighting of the massive oopart, to the north, could be had. It is visible, through the trees, but a good, clear, photograph isn’t on – the oopart is, perhaps, a bit too far-off…but as autumn sets-in, leaves do fall…

Friday October 19th 2012.

A dry-run this morning so a few minutes spent looking at the Metrolink line for clues to an old railway station. I’m not a railway ‘buff’ so I didn’t spot anything that might indicate where a station used to be – but a mate, along the tow-path, suggested that it was where the level-crossing is now…yet the old maps suggest (but don’t show!) something by the canal bridge at Withins…looking from the bridge now you just see trees and modern Metro lines to and from Bury. The old bit of sleeper fencing is worth a pic though…
But then it was back to the canal path to Elton.
The river Irwell and the Metro line are a hundred yards or so on the right at this point. It’s not far to the other, older railway line that at one time crossed Wellington Street over the viaduct – Cycle Route 6 now…
Accessing C.R. 6, at Wellington Street is by long slope and an old stone chimney is close by…
Further along (the fallen tree has been shifted) and there’s an Elton Reservoir feed channel on the left. Exit paths slope upwards from the old railway track but I went right along to the end of the (recognised) C.R.6 and the path is blocked-off with a bit of fencing…
On foot would be best down there. Steps, to the right, lead up to a modern housing-estate and then Bury and Bolton Road. Once at Grindsbrook it’s all downhill – which is how a good circuit should end!

Thursday October 18th 2012.

Bright and sunny this morning – after the deluge yesterday afternoon!
Today’s run? Banana walk, canal to Daisyfield viaduct, along to exit slope Bury & Bolton Road. Left at Grindsbrook, left at Ainsworth Road back to St. Andrews. It’s got to be six or seven miles and Bury & Bolton is nicely uphill, the gears like a change!

Wednesday October 17th 2012.

Clear, rain-less and wind-free
today for a ride around.
I did venture Bury environs today, but no natives were encountered…
…and there were plenty of ‘Olde English’ scenes to snap before crossing the border.
But then the border was crossed and it was all megapuddles and mud!
And, from the heights of the viaduct, all things municipal. Fallen trees too, along the route back.
From the fallen tree there’s a slope-up to civilization (Bury & Bolton Road) and an uphill mile perhaps to Grindsbrook and then Ainsworth Road. A good cycle-lane all the way but the smell of petrol-fumes is strong.
A good few miles and I checked-out both ‘ends’ of the viaduct to see where the access lanes were for future use.

Tuesday October 16th 2012.

Rainy and very windy so there’ll be waves on the reservoir! So a canal ride to Elton – a walk up the embankment, (oh yes.) and then back via the canal – but it is windy – very windy!
Hawthorns are losing leaves fast – especially in the wind.
From the reservoir at Elton a windy ride back and then along to Black Lane via Banana Walk. Definitely autumn at St. Andrews!

Monday October 15th 2012.

Drizzly today but a ride across Radcliffe, to see a few old ruins, was done with the camera.
During the ride, along Cycle Route 6, I passed the old Radcliffe Times building. Sad eh?
And along here (Church Street) there used to be a bike shop… But I must pass-by and cross the main road – I walk around here, with the bike. There’s no point in asking for trouble.
Radcliffe centre doesn’t change much!
Along a bit of Sion Street, by ASDA’s, and Cycle Route 6 continues called ‘The Sculpture Trail’. Along it are megaliths old and new.
Today I want to ride the route just to Ringley Road.

Sunday October 14th 2012.

Heavy mist this morning, and, after yesterday’s marathon, I thought I’d have an easy morning seeing as it’s Sunday. So I went up to Elton and back along the canal and then back up Banana Walk.
It was freezing. Very hard to take pictures.
By the bridges it was even more densely fogged – eerie even. Tea and toast seemed a million miles away!
But I got to Elton and Hinds Lane…then had to come all the way back!
The swans were out at The Red Bridge…
With Banana Walk that ride must be five or six miles – enough for a misty and cold Sunday morning!

Saturday October 13th 2012.

Misty toward Bury looking off the Red Bridge so, this morning a ride the other way, toward Little Lever.
Run across Water Street (little traffic early-on) and down the cobbles. They’re slippery when wet, be carefull. But then, you just follow the tow-path, watching out for low tree branches!
There’s bits of original walling here and there…megalithic stuff – coal black…
Watch it going under the blue footbridge – folk dispose of stuff from it…
Low trees!
The path is cobbled for quite a way and it’s not the best workmanship! Mind you, it is getting-on a bit.
Then it changes to shale and it’s much easier to ride. The canal itself is well-choked with weeds. Nippy too, this morning.
There are a few old bridges along this section – this one is usable for pedestrians – so a picture on top of it.
Along here is the old Steam Crane and, right by it, in the canal, is a huge water-lily.
Further is the site of the 1936 breach and the last time I was here it was too overgrown to see much. But today, walking along what’s left of the left canal bank, the breach can be made out – across it the old railway lines, used to strengthen the stonework, still hang from the old stones…
To get past the breach you cross over to the right canal bank and then come back.
From the breach site it’s not far to Nob End where Wellfield House looks down to Prestolee Road…an old track off from the canal…I wonder what’s down there? (Find out part of it at oopart:October Outing)
But we’re in Bolton now, better go back into Radcliffe…on the way we’ll pass the Steam Crane again and it’s easier to photograph from this side.

Friday October 12th 2012.

Sunny this morning but it must have poured-down in the night – megapuddles are back around the interesting bits of Radcliffe. I don’t know if this ‘site has anything to do with it but a few bikers, along the canal this morning, were having a far easier ride on old touring bikes – with mudguards!