Monday 24th December 2012.

Christmas Eve 2012 and it’s dark, still, but dry outside. A typical mid-winter early morning in the north.
Dry? It’s chucking it down now! But, such is ‘weather’ around here. I’ve jazzed the ‘site up a bit – with a bit of Open Source Holly – which is, believe it or not, hard to get hold of. And a Chrissy pic – without some ‘.com’ watermark is like gold!
So, as Christmas Day nears, a very Merry Christmas to all those Bonanza fans, that can’t type, and end-up here!
And to all those riding or tramping the local canal tow-paths every day.
And to all ‘Techies’ – no Techies, no Internet – simple as that.
Have a good Chrissy Eve all!

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