Sunday 30th December 2012.

Clear and dry this morning but that may mean too, that it’s cold. It may look like good biking weather but, it isn’t. A patch of unseen ice, on the road, and two wheels alone are highly dangerous.
Traffic; cars etc. are the main problem for cyclists but, at this time of year, ice, and having only two wheels, is a bigger one. It means that for two or three months of a year, despite all the ‘good-health’, ‘good-eco-sense’,’good economy’ govern-mental soundbytes promoting cycling, two wheels are a no-go-area. In deep snow, for the average rider, shoving the pedals is impossible. On ice you just fall over.
So, for many travellers, work or pleasure, the vastly expensive (compared to a bike) car is wheeled-out again while the weather is ‘bad’.
But in deep snow, or on ice, most cars are not much use either. But at least they don’t fall over. And they’re warm.
And most of our roads, in the north especially, were designed for horses and carts, not snow-ploughs, so much snow isn’t shifted. Or even gritted. All of which is labour-intensively expensive for all rates and tax payers.
So, what are we doing wrong? Is there a way out of this seemingly endless problem?

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