Monthly Archives: February 2013

Wednesday 27th February 2013.

Cold but with bright sunshine this morning for the daily ride. A detour to Warth Bridge and the Archimedes Screw, by the weir, is turning well.
The old ‘valves’ nearby are probably to do with water-supplies, from the river, that used to flow, along streams, to local factories.
From Warth to Elton Reservoir and then along the lanes to Bury & Bolton Road.
On the way the swans were out at the Bury end.

Tuesday 26th February 2013.

Cold again this morning and not a lot of time for taking pics as I had to get back home. The picture is of the Cycle Path leading up to Radcliffe Metro Station from Church Street. It’s about 1 in 6. It’s brilliant for a morning Training Run! Ride down it – mind the barriers! Then, ride up it! It really shifts the cobwebs!
From there it was a ride to the market and a quick look around. As with all ‘high-streets’ ours is suffering a bit and the indoor-market did look ‘quiet’ both customer and stall-holder-wise. But, January and February – even March – are all doldrummy as far as trading goes.
Unless you’re Primark!

Monday 25th February 2013.

A cold morning again but quite dry and no snow. A bit of a wind though – The Beast from The East they’re calling it.
It was quite ‘busy’ along the canal to Elton Reservoir which was wintry to say the least.
From the reservoir via the lanes to the main road and home to a pot of tea.
On the way another ‘Railway Sleeper’ fence was noticed and photographed. Chopping trees down to make railway sleepers, may not, you might think, be very ‘green’. But, compared with the govern-mental ‘green-ness’ report on HS2, which is 50,000 pages and must have cost ten trees in itself, a few sleepers for the old steam trains was probably negligible. Repeat: that’s just the report!

Sunday 24th February 2013.

A cold Sunday morning with snow falling very slightly early-on. But, a bike-ride along the canal tow-path to Bury and then on along Hinds Lane.
A Heron was ‘fishing’ from the tow-path at Hinds but flew off before a good photograph could be taken – a large bird.
From Hinds Lane along Wellington Street and then up the access-slope to the old railway track and the viaduct. A back-track of half a mile, along the viaduct, and then back to Radcliffe along the flat Cycle Route 6.
The River Irwell looks bleak from the viaduct and later, the sound of hooves clattered along the route and an unusual picture taken.
The route, today must have been five miles and, for a bit of exercise, it was done using one gear. Even along the access slopes!

Saturday 23rd February 2013.

Cold and overcast along the Bury arm of the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal this morning. But the tow-path, Cycle-Route 6, was busy with cyclists just the same. The first picture is of the old Rothwell Bridge that’s no longer used.
A couple of swans were back around the Bury end by the scaffolded bridge. And Elton Reservoir was pretty chilly for the twitchers and dog-walkers.
From the reservoir back to the farm lanes behind the boat club and a ride back to Radcliffe via Bury and Bolton Road. It’s got to be a four or five miler on the bike and an ideal ride on a cold morning.

Friday 22nd February 2013.

Very cold again early, but a dry-run again on the bike for a good half-hour. To get to Banana Walk I must either go down a couple of side-streets or along the main-road. This morning, along the main-road, the stench of fuel was horrendous, and, on the way back – the same cars were there! They hadn’t moved.
Nationally, since last April, govern-mental borrowing is up by £5,300,000,000.00p so there’s nothing new there. I’m still owed a CW Payment so it’ll have to rise a bit more shortly.
They’re still on about ‘The High-Street’ and all those empty shops. After the ‘report’ by Mary Portas some councils got £100,000.00p to ‘sort-out’ their high-streets. A few quid was spent on spurious stuff like advertising but nothing has really happened – except that more shops have shut. Some blame council rents and rates, some blame car-parking fees and fines or supermarkets or the Internet for the demise. The real cause of all this is lack of Hitching Rails. There is nowhere to ‘hitch’ your bike while you’re in a shop, and if you just leave it, folk will nick it and flog it back to you on Ebay. I mean, who, really, needs ‘The High Street’? But, a few good Hitching Rails and folk would shop by bike at our high-streets. For the bigger shops you need £100,000.00p per annum just for the Window-Cleaner! And Window-Cleaners need £100,000.00p for an Accountant, and Accountants need £100,000.00p for Bermudan or Swiss, to English, Interpreters!

Thursday 21st February 2013.

Very cold this morning but there were quite a few out, around the canal tow-paths, just after eight. The light was better for pictures too – the first one taken looking back along the canal, by the leafless trees, toward the Red Bridge. Then it was on to the Advert Bridge and photo’s were taken from it.
The last photo is a close-up of the bridge ‘corner’ which is, probably, the original stone-work and say 200 years old or more.
From there it was an easy ride back, then along Banana Walk to home. A sunny ride today, but watch out for ice – it was freezing.
There’s been an article in the national press about saving cash by buying an electric car. One of the example buyers (in this advert!) has saved, I believe, £2000 so far this year in running costs. It sounds great, on paper, but the damned car cost him £25,000 and that after a (supposed) £5,000 ‘reduction’ courtesy of those govern-mental. So, in reality, the ‘saver’ is actually £23,000 down at the moment, and, if buying with a loan even at the cheapest rate, even more so! The only way to ‘save’ when dealing with cars is – give them up. Not easy but very, very, cost-effective.
And too, as an over sixty-year-old, I’ve been advised by those govern-mental to ‘take-out a student-loan and go to university’ in order to keep earning…
To learn what? How to pay back a loan? How to pay 40% tax on a reasonable income? How to act as a full-time unpaid tax-collector if I employ a few folk?
I think not. And, apparently, so do thousands of other potential entrepreneurs.
Many years ago, at junior school, I enjoyed algebra. I’ve never forgotten this simple formula: Buy @ £x. Sell @ £x + y%.
No loans. No interest. Just logic. Cannily, if you offer a Service, £x = £0 and y% is entirely up to you.

Wednesday 20th February 2013.

Cold again early on but a ride/walk around the wharf was, at least, dry – which is unusual around here. For some reason the swans like standing on the sunken barge – no idea why.
The Background image is of Himalayan Balsam, which is harmless, indeed parts of it are edible, but it is invasive. If it gets into your garden dig it out fast or it’ll take-over.