Thursday 21st February 2013.

Very cold this morning but there were quite a few out, around the canal tow-paths, just after eight. The light was better for pictures too – the first one taken looking back along the canal, by the leafless trees, toward the Red Bridge. Then it was on to the Advert Bridge and photo’s were taken from it.
The last photo is a close-up of the bridge ‘corner’ which is, probably, the original stone-work and say 200 years old or more.
From there it was an easy ride back, then along Banana Walk to home. A sunny ride today, but watch out for ice – it was freezing.
There’s been an article in the national press about saving cash by buying an electric car. One of the example buyers (in this advert!) has saved, I believe, £2000 so far this year in running costs. It sounds great, on paper, but the damned car cost him £25,000 and that after a (supposed) £5,000 ‘reduction’ courtesy of those govern-mental. So, in reality, the ‘saver’ is actually £23,000 down at the moment, and, if buying with a loan even at the cheapest rate, even more so! The only way to ‘save’ when dealing with cars is – give them up. Not easy but very, very, cost-effective.
And too, as an over sixty-year-old, I’ve been advised by those govern-mental to ‘take-out a student-loan and go to university’ in order to keep earning…
To learn what? How to pay back a loan? How to pay 40% tax on a reasonable income? How to act as a full-time unpaid tax-collector if I employ a few folk?
I think not. And, apparently, so do thousands of other potential entrepreneurs.
Many years ago, at junior school, I enjoyed algebra. I’ve never forgotten this simple formula: Buy @ £x. Sell @ £x + y%.
No loans. No interest. Just logic. Cannily, if you offer a Service, £x = £0 and y% is entirely up to you.

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