Friday 22nd February 2013.

Very cold again early, but a dry-run again on the bike for a good half-hour. To get to Banana Walk I must either go down a couple of side-streets or along the main-road. This morning, along the main-road, the stench of fuel was horrendous, and, on the way back – the same cars were there! They hadn’t moved.
Nationally, since last April, govern-mental borrowing is up by £5,300,000,000.00p so there’s nothing new there. I’m still owed a CW Payment so it’ll have to rise a bit more shortly.
They’re still on about ‘The High-Street’ and all those empty shops. After the ‘report’ by Mary Portas some councils got £100,000.00p to ‘sort-out’ their high-streets. A few quid was spent on spurious stuff like advertising but nothing has really happened – except that more shops have shut. Some blame council rents and rates, some blame car-parking fees and fines or supermarkets or the Internet for the demise. The real cause of all this is lack of Hitching Rails. There is nowhere to ‘hitch’ your bike while you’re in a shop, and if you just leave it, folk will nick it and flog it back to you on Ebay. I mean, who, really, needs ‘The High Street’? But, a few good Hitching Rails and folk would shop by bike at our high-streets. For the bigger shops you need £100,000.00p per annum just for the Window-Cleaner! And Window-Cleaners need £100,000.00p for an Accountant, and Accountants need £100,000.00p for Bermudan or Swiss, to English, Interpreters!

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