Sunday 24th February 2013.

A cold Sunday morning with snow falling very slightly early-on. But, a bike-ride along the canal tow-path to Bury and then on along Hinds Lane.
A Heron was ‘fishing’ from the tow-path at Hinds but flew off before a good photograph could be taken – a large bird.
From Hinds Lane along Wellington Street and then up the access-slope to the old railway track and the viaduct. A back-track of half a mile, along the viaduct, and then back to Radcliffe along the flat Cycle Route 6.
The River Irwell looks bleak from the viaduct and later, the sound of hooves clattered along the route and an unusual picture taken.
The route, today must have been five miles and, for a bit of exercise, it was done using one gear. Even along the access slopes!

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