Monthly Archives: February 2013

Monday 18th February 2013.

Cold but sunny early on and okay for a ride around the wharf. The picture is of swans below the Red Bridge at the end of Banana Walk. There was ice about early so take care on two wheels, particularly the geriatrics!
Was at an 18th birthday bash at Heywood yesterday and, during travelling, the top bits of a wind-turbine, above the otherwise rustic rolling hills and trees, could be seen starkly white against the sunny blue sky. There is a wind-farm in the area but just one turbine was visible. Which. really, in such countryside, is one too many. So today, the news that planners have turned-down applications for a similar, possibly larger, wind-farm at Hawarth (Bronte Country not far away) is good news indeed. From the canal tow-paths at Radcliffe the Heywood wind-farm is easily seen stretching across the distant hills. It looks silly and is, by default, grossly inefficient. Meanwhile, a small, unobtrusive, Archimedes Screw, set by a weir on the River Irwell locally, uses the far more efficient power of gravity and water to generate regardless of wind action.

Sunday 17th February 2013.

Freezing but sunny this morning by the canal. Elton Reservoir was half-frozen; the moored boats still out. There were quite a few cyclists out in the sun too, some of them on new bikes and riding (as yet) a little ‘carefully’ perhaps. I even saw, on the main road, a tandem. These are popular but, around here, they are unusual.

Saturday 16th February 2013.

It was actually warm today – with sunshine! – the roads, around Bury, jam-packed with shopper’s cars (?) So a bumper day for parking fees eh?
Rather than bike-riding a rellie needed a lift with some furniture and so that was today’s ‘keep-fit’ activity. Tomorrow may be sunny too so a good day for the bike may be on the cards.

Friday 15th February 2013.

A little warmer and very quiet along Radcliffe Canal this morning. Two pairs of swans were passed and from the scaffolded bridge a ride to Elton Reservoir done.
Boats were at anchor, (I think that’s the nautical term) at the Bury end, so there might be sailing there tomorrow. From the reservoir embankment, which was quite puddle-strewn this morning, the track behind the boat-club was ridden to the ‘gates’, at Cycle Route 6, and from there up the slopes to Bury and Bolton Road and then Grindsbrook for a downhill dash home.
Myriad sea-birds at the Bury end of Elton Reservoir.
Weather-wise a far better ride today than of late so get the bikes oiled and ready!

Thursday 14th February 2013.

Quite a bit warmer this morning and the snow has, in the main, gone. It was dull and damp though around the wharf and the town hall but, if you stay-in while it’s wet in Radcliffe you’ll never go out! It seemed to be growing darker and darker this morning and so, fearing a rain-deluge, a short ride along Banana Walk to the wharf and Cross Lane was chanced. The roads are wet but ice-free.
They’re still on about horse-meat in the daily blogs, but, here’s a thought: just see how much ‘Real, Guaranteed-Beef-Burgers/Lasagne/Mince’ cost now that the cheap ones have been ‘exposed’.

Wednesday 13th February 2013.

Snow this morning and, at just gone twelve noon, it’s still snowing. But a ride along the lanes and canal was done okay earlier. (Mornin’ Ron & Trev!) It was awesome at Withins Reservoir and then at Elton Reservoir, the snow falling heavily while there.
From the reservoirs to the canal and a ride back via the Red Bridge and Banana Walk. It was ok on the bike but best go slowly and watch for ice. There are a few more photo’s, taken this morning, on the February 2013 Page.

Tuesday 12th February 2013.

No snow this morning but, for photographs, it was a bit dull and being dive-bombed by sea-gulls was awesome! A dry run then down to the canal then along to (almost) Bury and back via Bury & Bolton Road and Grindsbrooke. Without the jungles of Himalayan Balsam plants it was easier to get a couple of photographs of Hinds Lane, for oopart, and one or two of the swans, above, which were between bridges this morning.
At most other ‘news’ ‘sites they’re on about horses/horsemeat, so swans and gulls is a bit different at least – there were, too, a few squirrels along Hinds Lane…mmm tasty snacks perhaps? And, once again, foxes aren’t exactly flavour of the month – so perhaps, as meat-balls, they might be.

Monday 11th February 2013.

A cold ride this morning but pedalling soon warms you up. We expected snow but just got rain and cold – well, it is (Greater) Manchester!
Apparently those govern-mental are thinking about (what with? ) charging more ‘road tax’ if you use the ‘bigger’ roads such as motorways. There are, locally, a couple of handy little cars for sale but by the time you’ve got them ‘on the road’ you’ll have shelled-out a fortune in insurances and taxation. So I’ll stick to two wheels and Cycle Lanes for the time being. I walked past expensive examples of the car-makers art this morning, queue’d-up, they were, by the town hall.

Sunday 10th February 2013.

Just rain this morning and, it’s a bit busy here. The picture was taken a few days ago at the Radcliffe canal breach site near Little Lever. Without the summery greenery it’s easier to see the stones and steel beams (railway lines?) used to support the canal side along the hillside.
More pictures of the whole MBB Canal from Bury to Little Lever are at oopart – The Radcliffe Canal page.

Saturday 9th February 2013.

Overcast this morning but okay for a ride to Radcliffe and then along to the ‘Advert Bridge’. Umpteen Canada Geese were very noisy – must be territory-time.
Apparently, during the past week, the pm secured, at the eu, a general reduction in the eu budget. Sadly, for the UK, this means that we’ll actually have to pay more in. Doh!
At Durham they’re trying to build a new Police HQ but Great Crested Newts have been found on the site – which is a local ‘green’ spot – so building has been halted until May 2013 at the earliest.