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Friday 31st May 2013.

Sunny and warm for the last day of May and so a walk, down into Radcliffe, rather than a bike-ride.
Radcliffe centre was busy-ish but they’ve closed-off some of the Indoor Market stalls as many stalls are unoccupied. Very quiet in there.
Asda was busy (as ever) and, as forecast, the auto-tills are increasing in number. There are 11 standard small auto-tills and now there are four auto-tills with conveyor-belts. Standard tills have been removed to allow the new automation be fitted. On the tiny shelf-space allocated for bike parts there are two inner-tube sizes stocked – 20 inch (BMX) and 26 inch (ATB). They are priced at £3.98 each. There is, of course, no ‘fitting service’. This isn’t an advert for Asda, it’s info’ for local cyclists.
On the bus coming home went past the Fair at Red Bank Field. At least they’ve got good weather – so far.
The bike-routes are littered with broken glass shards – take care if on two wheels out there!

Thursday 30th May 2013.

Dull and rainy this morning which made taking pictures difficult. The picture shown is of a deserted lane yet for years this area would have been a hive of activity. I’m stood on, what were, the steps to Benny’s/The Farmers Arms just off Hinds Lane (or is that Hinds Lane as well?).
Swans/cygnets were all okay and again a Jackdaw or two seen on the way back. Several goslings too, on the canal, but not as many (so far) as last year.
According to the A.S.I., it’s Tax-Freedom Day today.

Wednesday 29th May 2013.

A north wind again today but it’s not too cold. Then again, it’s June very shortly – it should be flaming out there.
Breezy up at Elton with the larger birds noisily taking off and/or landing – should that be watering?
From Elton back down to the canal for a (following wind) ride home.
The Bury-end cygnets and those at Coney were all ok today.
And that duck is a bit of a poser!

Tuesday 28th May 2013.

A spot or two of rain here and there this morning and, on the old St. Mary’s site, a skip…now this isn’t exactly what was meant by ‘tidy the site up!’ but it is something.
Mind you they’ll have to ditch the top layers of rubbish in the skip in order to shift it! Doh!
On me travels, this morning, I did find a very useful object that had most probably fallen-off another bicycle. If you’ve lost something, from a bike, locally, get in touch. The object, as far as I can see, isn’t damaged.
Along the ride this morning the Giant Hogweeds, by the Lattice (Monkey) Bridge, are coming on nicely. Through the tunnel, on the other side of the railway, Cow Parsley is in flower. It looks a bit like Giant Hogweed but the plants are much smaller; the flower heads not in circular clusters.
Yesterday, here, a large black and white Dalmation was trotting down the path – today it’s a very familiar Greyhound! From here, almost at River Irwell level, it’s a bit of a climb up to the ‘road’ (Hinds Lane) above. From there access to Cycle Route 6 (canal tow-path) back to Coney Green and/or Radcliffe centre.
Yesterday a few of those website stats sites were visited in order to check upon visitor-levels here…
Mmmm, most of those sites seemed to be defunct and uninhabited but one was reasonably up to date. Apparently we have no visitors and this site (Condorosa) is worth a full $9 !! We also take 10c per day as revenue! It was suggested that, on our front-page we write more text as the code to text ratio was low. There is scope too for something like Google Adsense.
We have e-mailed Google many times over advertising, but they always decline our offer priced at £100 per week.
Ergo – no Google here.
Breath of fresh-air eh? Just like a tow-path compared to a main-road.

Monday 27th May 2013.

A south wind around Radcliffe this morning but the sun was out and so, it being a holiday for many, were the bikers. At the Lattice Bridge the Irwell was at reasonable levels as you saw it through the trees by the bridge-tunnel footpath. (It’s quicker than waiting for them to lift the level-crossing gates! 🙂 ) Surreally, as I clambered up this path to Hinds Lane this morning, a Dalmation ( white, black-spotted dog) was ambling down it – followed of course by its owner – both regular walkers along the off-road footpaths.
From there to the scaffolded bridge and all six cygnets were visible from it. Over the bridge and up to Elton Reservoir where the wind was far stronger.
From Elton back to the canal via the scaffolded bridge and a ride back to Banana Walk.
An easy five mile (?) ride on roads and off-road cycle routes. Bury Road has a cycle-lane for much of it but parked cars do block it a bit. Myself I ease left onto the pavements rather than go out into the road in order to pass the parked cars. (There’s no one on the pavements anyway – all in Jags!)
Saw a couple of Jackdaws this morning.

Sunday 26th May 2013.

Fine weather again and so a slow ride along the tow-paths of Radcliffe’s canal.
An easy ride today – no rain/hail/sleet/ snow or gale-force wind (tomorrow perhaps!! ) and a barrage of twitchers, up at Elton Reservoir, were also making hay…
So I didn’t go up there – I’d only scare all the birds off!
Down here too, hunting the long grass of a cattle meadow, a present-day Raptor stood stock-still as it watched for food and me at the same time! Yet the twitchers, atop the embankment, looked the other way??? I mean, why watch a sparrow when there are Herons about?
Or Swans? The pair at the Bury end now have six cygnets and the five at the other end were okay this morning too.
A touch of colour, along the far canal bank, is a large bed of Bluebells.

Saturday 25th May 2013.

No wind and bright sunshine at last so, rather than the tow-paths, the Saturday-quiet roads of Radcliffe were biked for a change.
At Water Street the southern half of the canal, to Little Lever and the Meccano Bridge, beckoned, but no. It’s Saturday so a shorter ride.
Quiet, yet, in Radcliffe Centre (Radcliffe Bridge) but the sun’s out so it’ll busy-up later.
Along Church Street to a challenging (?) but very short uphill, obstacled slope that really gets geriatric Cyclists working!
While up here there is an unusual view of the big church just outside Radcliffe Centre.
From there to Cycle Route 6 at Coney Green and a slight uphill, along Banana Walk to home.
Not a long ride but a couple of steep uphill bits are there for exercise. Road traffic, on a Saturday at about 7.45 to 8.00 a.m., is minimal so it’s fairly safe if you take a bit of care and walk where there’s a potential traffic problem – the lights at the Town Hall for instance. It’s a nightmare here, for pedestrians/cyclists, at the best of times, so keep looking for fast moving traffic.

Friday 24th May 2013.

Another wintry May day with winds rattling the forty-foot wind-break above Bealey’s Goyt at Warth. Then the hail (?) started! But a reasonable ‘Rainbow’ pic up by the level-crossing.
From Warth back to the canal tow-path and, with the north wind, and hail, behind, pedals weren’t needed for a mile and a half!
The five (now rather startled) cygnets were okay again.
And, for venison buffs, dreams are oft found, at the end of rainbows…
…for non-literary venison buffs – Banana Walk.

Thursday 23rd May 2013.

It was just about freezing for the ride this morning. Normally, after half a mile of pedalling you’re quite warmed-up. Not this morning. It was icy.
But; as Banana Walk was entered at the top metal gate…a deer walked straight across the walk not twenty yards away…as soon as it entered the trees to my left I lost sight of it and, whatever you might think, I don’t go chasing wild animals about at any time of day. (I was far too slow with the camera anyway!)
A spot of rain in the freezing wind along the canal too, but the five cygnets are so far okay. And just that bit less hungry!
Being only lightly clad (expecting at least some warmth) the ride was turned around to stave-off some form of hypothermia that might set in!
Things are blooming and green, at last, around Radcliffe Wharf.
hen it was back up Banana Walk for home and a warm. But the thought did arise: Throughout history herbivores arrived on the various scenes and then the carnivores arrived to suit. I had, earlier, seen a herbivore…
Keep your bikes well greased!

Wednesday 22nd May 2013.

A murky morning earlier but quite a few out on bikes. A few old bike spares, dug out for a pre-1962 Moulton, have done the trick – the bike is on the road after 30 years in a shed!
Had a ride around Warth – even in daylight the bridge arches are spooky! And the Irwell is up a foot or two…
but nowhere near the levels last year when, at the weir, the water was nearly the same height at both sides!