Thursday 23rd May 2013.

It was just about freezing for the ride this morning. Normally, after half a mile of pedalling you’re quite warmed-up. Not this morning. It was icy.
But; as Banana Walk was entered at the top metal gate…a deer walked straight across the walk not twenty yards away…as soon as it entered the trees to my left I lost sight of it and, whatever you might think, I don’t go chasing wild animals about at any time of day. (I was far too slow with the camera anyway!)
A spot of rain in the freezing wind along the canal too, but the five cygnets are so far okay. And just that bit less hungry!
Being only lightly clad (expecting at least some warmth) the ride was turned around to stave-off some form of hypothermia that might set in!
Things are blooming and green, at last, around Radcliffe Wharf.
hen it was back up Banana Walk for home and a warm. But the thought did arise: Throughout history herbivores arrived on the various scenes and then the carnivores arrived to suit. I had, earlier, seen a herbivore…
Keep your bikes well greased!

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