Friday 24th May 2013.

Another wintry May day with winds rattling the forty-foot wind-break above Bealey’s Goyt at Warth. Then the hail (?) started! But a reasonable ‘Rainbow’ pic up by the level-crossing.
From Warth back to the canal tow-path and, with the north wind, and hail, behind, pedals weren’t needed for a mile and a half!
The five (now rather startled) cygnets were okay again.
And, for venison buffs, dreams are oft found, at the end of rainbows…
…for non-literary venison buffs – Banana Walk.

2 thoughts on “Friday 24th May 2013.

  1. Andy

    I don’t know how you could cycle in this wind. I’m looking out of my window at a tree which is at a 45 degree angle and wondering if it’s even safe to use the car!


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