Saturday 25th May 2013.

No wind and bright sunshine at last so, rather than the tow-paths, the Saturday-quiet roads of Radcliffe were biked for a change.
At Water Street the southern half of the canal, to Little Lever and the Meccano Bridge, beckoned, but no. It’s Saturday so a shorter ride.
Quiet, yet, in Radcliffe Centre (Radcliffe Bridge) but the sun’s out so it’ll busy-up later.
Along Church Street to a challenging (?) but very short uphill, obstacled slope that really gets geriatric Cyclists working!
While up here there is an unusual view of the big church just outside Radcliffe Centre.
From there to Cycle Route 6 at Coney Green and a slight uphill, along Banana Walk to home.
Not a long ride but a couple of steep uphill bits are there for exercise. Road traffic, on a Saturday at about 7.45 to 8.00 a.m., is minimal so it’s fairly safe if you take a bit of care and walk where there’s a potential traffic problem – the lights at the Town Hall for instance. It’s a nightmare here, for pedestrians/cyclists, at the best of times, so keep looking for fast moving traffic.

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