Sunday 26th May 2013.

Fine weather again and so a slow ride along the tow-paths of Radcliffe’s canal.
An easy ride today – no rain/hail/sleet/ snow or gale-force wind (tomorrow perhaps!! ) and a barrage of twitchers, up at Elton Reservoir, were also making hay…
So I didn’t go up there – I’d only scare all the birds off!
Down here too, hunting the long grass of a cattle meadow, a present-day Raptor stood stock-still as it watched for food and me at the same time! Yet the twitchers, atop the embankment, looked the other way??? I mean, why watch a sparrow when there are Herons about?
Or Swans? The pair at the Bury end now have six cygnets and the five at the other end were okay this morning too.
A touch of colour, along the far canal bank, is a large bed of Bluebells.

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