Monday 27th May 2013.

A south wind around Radcliffe this morning but the sun was out and so, it being a holiday for many, were the bikers. At the Lattice Bridge the Irwell was at reasonable levels as you saw it through the trees by the bridge-tunnel footpath. (It’s quicker than waiting for them to lift the level-crossing gates! 🙂 ) Surreally, as I clambered up this path to Hinds Lane this morning, a Dalmation ( white, black-spotted dog) was ambling down it – followed of course by its owner – both regular walkers along the off-road footpaths.
From there to the scaffolded bridge and all six cygnets were visible from it. Over the bridge and up to Elton Reservoir where the wind was far stronger.
From Elton back to the canal via the scaffolded bridge and a ride back to Banana Walk.
An easy five mile (?) ride on roads and off-road cycle routes. Bury Road has a cycle-lane for much of it but parked cars do block it a bit. Myself I ease left onto the pavements rather than go out into the road in order to pass the parked cars. (There’s no one on the pavements anyway – all in Jags!)
Saw a couple of Jackdaws this morning.

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