Tuesday 28th May 2013.

A spot or two of rain here and there this morning and, on the old St. Mary’s site, a skip…now this isn’t exactly what was meant by ‘tidy the site up!’ but it is something.
Mind you they’ll have to ditch the top layers of rubbish in the skip in order to shift it! Doh!
On me travels, this morning, I did find a very useful object that had most probably fallen-off another bicycle. If you’ve lost something, from a bike, locally, get in touch. The object, as far as I can see, isn’t damaged.
Along the ride this morning the Giant Hogweeds, by the Lattice (Monkey) Bridge, are coming on nicely. Through the tunnel, on the other side of the railway, Cow Parsley is in flower. It looks a bit like Giant Hogweed but the plants are much smaller; the flower heads not in circular clusters.
Yesterday, here, a large black and white Dalmation was trotting down the path – today it’s a very familiar Greyhound! From here, almost at River Irwell level, it’s a bit of a climb up to the ‘road’ (Hinds Lane) above. From there access to Cycle Route 6 (canal tow-path) back to Coney Green and/or Radcliffe centre.
Yesterday a few of those website stats sites were visited in order to check upon visitor-levels here…
Mmmm, most of those sites seemed to be defunct and uninhabited but one was reasonably up to date. Apparently we have no visitors and this site (Condorosa) is worth a full $9 !! We also take 10c per day as revenue! It was suggested that, on our front-page we write more text as the code to text ratio was low. There is scope too for something like Google Adsense.
We have e-mailed Google many times over advertising, but they always decline our offer priced at £100 per week.
Ergo – no Google here.
Breath of fresh-air eh? Just like a tow-path compared to a main-road.

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