Friday 31st May 2013.

Sunny and warm for the last day of May and so a walk, down into Radcliffe, rather than a bike-ride.
Radcliffe centre was busy-ish but they’ve closed-off some of the Indoor Market stalls as many stalls are unoccupied. Very quiet in there.
Asda was busy (as ever) and, as forecast, the auto-tills are increasing in number. There are 11 standard small auto-tills and now there are four auto-tills with conveyor-belts. Standard tills have been removed to allow the new automation be fitted. On the tiny shelf-space allocated for bike parts there are two inner-tube sizes stocked – 20 inch (BMX) and 26 inch (ATB). They are priced at £3.98 each. There is, of course, no ‘fitting service’. This isn’t an advert for Asda, it’s info’ for local cyclists.
On the bus coming home went past the Fair at Red Bank Field. At least they’ve got good weather – so far.
The bike-routes are littered with broken glass shards – take care if on two wheels out there!

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