Monday 22nd July 2013.

Well done Chris Froome! A good win for another British rider, in le Tour de France, yesterday. Meanwhile, here, in G.B., the sun is back and it’s already warm!
At certain locations, along Cycle Route 6, there are ‘gates’ that prevent cars and motor-cycles from acceding the pathway. (Don’t laugh, if they could, they would!) These gate thingies are narrow; some of them too narrow for some bicycle handlebars. So you have to get off, wiggle your handlebars through, and then get on again.
This is a bit tiresome but you get used to it. You also get used to the gates that are wide enough for your handlebars. In picture two is one of the topless bridges at Coney Green. The Cycle Route gate here is wide enough to ride straight through, with a bit of practise, which, normally, you do without thinking when you know that the gap is indeed wide enough. Even so, clearance, at each handlebar end, is only an inch or so.
Handlebars that are too wide would, obviously, hit the gate sides, causing the bike to stop dead, while the rider, propelled by momentum, would carry-on going – usually performing a cartwheeling somersault over the handlebars.
So, those cyclists buying and fitting ergonomic handlebar grips, something like the ones I’ve just fitted, should ensure that the grips are shoved fully onto the handlebars.
Especially if you ride through a cycle-route gate.

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