Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

A ‘archive’ photograph this morning as, up-to-the-eyeballs getting into waterproof weatherproofs, sou’ wester and water resistant boots, I forgot me camera.
But yes, it was and is, raining. After a week, or more, of hot and dry roads, this morning’s ride was a few miles of sheer cool. And me spuds will like it too.
And then too is the ‘new’ Royal. What will they call him? James? Or Phillip after his great grand-dad? But hey, a Radcliffe peasant blog isn’t the place for London’s high court! (They can’t afford our advertising fees!)
So it’s back to things Radcliffe and cost-effective transport modes. To that end I cycled to Radcliffe Indoor Market to see how things were going; apparently some sort of ‘refurbishment’ is on the cards. Inside the old tin building a large area has been boarded-off (quote:…to make the space inside seem more ‘full’…) and it is, as always, clean and tidy. But, despite the efforts of the remaining regular stall-holders – some trading for many years at Radcliffe – buying customers are thin on the ground. Mind you, major retail outlets are experiencing this problem. Some say the daily rent cost is too high. But will this be lowered if a refurbishment is done? Highly unlikely most say. Some say the Internet, and its ‘cost-effectiveness’, are to blame, but even there not everyone makes a profit.
Apparently too, close to the Indoor Market – which has a ‘sales-mix’ of new and used goods, (flea market) a ‘new’, local supermarket is planned. Hopefully that will attract a few folk, and their buying-power, back to down town Radcliffe.

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