Wednesday 24th July 2013.

Warm and sunny early-on and, along Bury Road the Archimedes Screw is still on a ‘go-slow’. The water feed here seems to be blocked too, so although the teething-problems persist, the screw idea is still far more effective than the wind-powered generation attempts.
But, this morning was a little different as I followed another, local, geriatric cyclist along his daily route. Speed is never the aim but the miles are soon covered when two (or more) cyclists are pedalling along together. And this cyclist knows the theory of electricity generation backwards and inside out! This morning though, owing to a front wheel collapse on his ‘A’ bike, this cyclist was on his heavy old ‘B’ machine. But a new wheel, with a slightly unusual size/specification, has been sourced for him and later he picked it up. That’s bicycle generation. Tomorrow, after some spanner-work, he should be back on his A machine, which is much easier to ride along the tarmac of a cycle-route.
From Warth to Daisyfield and then along the old railway route to Wellington Street viaduct and down to river level to see the massive (but pollarded!) Giant Hogweed plants below the small footbridge. They’ve spread to the lorry park that’s adjacent too!
From there it’s a ride back in time along the stretch of canal from Bury to Radcliffe, the bike wheels dodging the old mooring-loops, set into blocks of stone, at intervals, along the cindery tow-path. Along the way ducks, cygnets and coot often follow in case you throw over a bit of bread.
So, a good few miles done this morning and there were quite a few two-wheeled travellers doing the same.

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