Sunday 28th July 2013.

There was rain in the air this morning but it was still warm for the bike-ride around Radcliffe. Along Spring Lane a side-street was explored and a view of the ex-East Lancashire Mill land photographed. This was to be – allegedly – the site of a new secondary school.
Later, while cycling the homeward part of the ride, the existing secondary school was photographed from across its once well-tended sports-field. Strangely, apart from the ex-sports-field being fairly flat and level, both areas are no more than wasteland at the moment. And, thus, Radcliffe has no secondary school, at all.
So, as there is no secondary-school provision locally, surely a rent/rate-reduction is on the cards for Radcliffe tenants. And, while all this (brownfield) spare land is going begging, there’s surely no need to build anywhere remotely ‘green-belt’. (Tricky anyway with all the Himalayan Balsam about. Who wants a ‘new’ garden full of Balsam seeds?)
And, for the cyclists and walkers around the Red Bridge, watch-out for the bramble just by the bridge – the runner is enormous!
And there’s a balloon by one of the other bridges.
The very wide Cycle-Lane, along Manchester Road toward Bury, has road-works along it that was, this morning, blocking the wide cycle-lane and the footpath, so be careful if cycling along there. (There was a bus using this lane, the other day – shouldn’t be allowed!!)

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