Monday 29th July 2013.

It looked, early-on, like rain, so a quicker than usual circuit was ridden this morning. It has rained hard, over the past (say) twenty-four hours, and so the Irwell level is up a bit, making the Archimedes Screw, at Warth, turn more efficiently. It’s been on a ‘go-slow’ of late.
Nearby, the majestically morbid Giant Hogweeds are beginning to fade as they ‘go to seed’ and then, for this season, die back. Already rampant, along the Irwell banks, next year might be awesome for the Hogweed, and too for those charged with its control.
From the bustle of the main Bury Road, the footpath track at Warth Bridge leads to the farm lanes and, after the tunnel at the Lattice (Monkey) Bridge – like a portal to the past – the canal tow-path is reached.
Along this old, now weedily overgrown bit of megalithic stonework, horse-drawn-barge-speed is quite enough.
Unless, of course, you’re one of the trendy, ‘Olympic Speed’ joggers that, seemingly, fly past now and then. Mind you, the geriatric used to keeping ‘Mill Hours’ will be up, out and back before many, of a more officey lifestyle perhaps, venture the morning air to jog, dog-walk or cycle.

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