Tuesday 30th July 2013.

Very warm this morning for the ride and, over the past say twenty-four hours, quite a lot of rain-water has fallen. A picture of Warth weir, yesterday, compared with one taken today, easily shows, today, a greater depth of water at the weir. Last year, with all the rain, the weir more or less disappeared, under a deluge of water, for a few days! The nearby Warth Bridge, with two arches over the river, holds-back water as one arch is seriously silted. One single arch, at high water-levels, simply can’t cope, but so far the bridge has stood firm against the water, propping-up it’s highway regardless, against the never-ending onslaught. A good dredging of the river would help by lowering the water-level; it’s far too bloated even now, but that won’t happen. Ever. So the river lumbers on. Ever eroding…ever silting…the highway supports.
Not far away, from the watery Warth, things are quieter along the less public by-ways and paths. But, even here, the resulting aftermath of an unchecked, out-of-control river, can easily be felt – the insidious flow taking-out the big highway bridges and then, brick by brick, weakening the smaller – usually it’s a financial thing. But the end result is always the same – a bare river bank inhabited only by a few Hogweeds.

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