Wednesday 31st July 2013.

A little cooler this morning and the weir-water, at Warth, is, more normally, at a lower level. There’s rain about too but that shouldn’t stop a cyclist – especially one out for fun rather than on a work-run.
The ‘box’, amid the wild-flowers, is for the lecky generated by the nearby Archimedes Screw. (Gimme a Sturmey-Archer to fix any day, this lecky stuff is, to some of us, unfathomable Rocket-Science.)
But a dry-run this morning until back at Radcliffe – then the rain came down and still is.
At the Spring Lane/Bury Road roundabout left-turn, a metre out from the gutter, there’s a load of glass for a few hundred yards along Bury Road. It fades-out by the garage and then there’s small tree-branches and twigs everywhere. At the Warth Bridge area they’ve put-up a bit of roadside, low wooden fencing, so the easiest way onto the river path is through the footpath gateway on the bridge. The footpath here is narrow and close to the riverbank – take care.
The canal tow-path, from Warth back to Radcliffe, is clear of glass but there is a little among the cobbles below the bridges.

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