Monday 19th August 2013.

Quite a bit cooler this morning, around Radcliffe, which was okay. It has been, at times lately, almost too hot and humid for (simple) bike-riding.
It’s been wet too. But that’s also good; around the lanes and tow-paths the wild-flowers are many and varied, and, yesterday, Mrs Condor was short on spuds (potato’s doh!) but there were several plants in the back-yard a-flowering, and four of them yielded plenty of (literally free) tubers for our needs. Fresh spuds too cook and eat far better than those stored for months, and they ‘peel’ by just washing and rubbing.
(Yesterday too, after browsing a few other blogs about nationwide financial economics, I discovered that a veritable guru on the subject is having sales-volume problems with lengthy books, that he’s written, on that very topic. Mind you, where could even he learn how to obviate, rather than attempt a cure for the problem, by growing acres of free spuds – not to mention automatic sales returns for the globally(!) interesting pamphlet(!) that sells, seasonally well, to explain the simple method!)
Meself I’d rather be out on the bike (sound economics again?) than be attempting near-impossible book-sales online – for in this entrepreneurial climate – a touch of sound economic Randism (as in Atlas S.) saves loads of grief!
And you get to see trees and things – like this hidden, orange-berried, Mountain-Ash (Rowan).
On the economic digital communications and media front, the new Elementary OS looks and works pretty well.
Scribus, a (Linux) desktop publishing programme, is a good, fairly simple but lighter, MS Publisher ‘re-placement’ – once you get into it.
And, like the spuds, it’s all free.
Now that’s economics entrepreneur level!

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