Thursday 22nd August 2013.

A warm sunny morning for a (serious!) ride up Radcliffe New Road to Whitefield. The old machinery was creaking a bit, going up, (but the bike was quietly smooth!) but then, shopping done, it was a mile long downhill back to Radcliffe town centre. I think I melted a couple of brake-blocks, on the toy-bike side-pulls, but the bike squealed to a stop so that I could get a picture.
The Velo ‘ergo’ handlebar grips are, especially going uphill, a boon. Not cheap, at about £20, they do stop loads of arm and finger ache when pulling against the bars. Schwalbe road tyres, used daily now for well over twelve months, show little sign of wear – and, only one puncture! And that from a half-inch bramble thorn.
It was dark by about nine last night so a few, basic, front (white) and rear (red) light sets are in at about £8 a set – clips and batteries are with them and they’ll last till it goes lighter again if used from about September. Small, basic hand-pumps – with a car-valve adaptor – are £3. Adaptors – H.P., are £1.
29″ inner-tubes can be obtained to order, but they’re a bit pricey. Most other tubes stocked but please, for any bike accessories or parts, give us a ring for a price – our main work area is bike repairs and servicing.

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