Friday 23rd August 2013.

Warmly humid for the bike-ride, early this morning, and, as a potential Mail-Order Guru, a pump-adaptor was carried in a pocket. Luckily, the adaptor ‘orderer’, a mate down the canal, was about and, three weeks after he’d ordered, he finally got his ‘bit’. He was delighted as 1) It was exactly the right bit and 2) It wasn’t overly expensive. Really, around here, not much else matters.
Rode up Eton Hill Road and the large cracks in the tarmac, almost in the middle of the road, make it look as though the whole layer of tarmac is sliding into the gutters at each side. Spring Lane is similar but there the impression is that the left lane is sinking.
I did hear too, this morning, that the Giant Hogweeds by the Library !? are dying back! At Warth it’s the turn of the Himalayan Balsam and the plants are everywhere. A problem with these may be that there’s not much on a Himalayan Balsam plant that say, a Sparrow, or a Blackbird can eat – compared to a blackberry-laden Bramble that is. And the Balsam will out-crowd the Brambles eventually.
A Heron on the weir too at Warth, and this morning two others were spotted – unless it’s the same one following me about with an eye on an early meal…(it’s speculated that the Herons like a bit of duck(ling), hence early losses this year).
Apparently Mink (American!) like a bit of duck(ling) too, but a bit of research has shown that an Otter, or two, (entirely indigenous) might eradicate (territorially), the greedy little introduced Mink (and take an introduced Canada Goose egg perhaps?). And I’ve seen slugs and snails happily munching on Hogweed leaves, which might help with that burning problem.
The single swan and five cygnets are okay but the pigeons at the Red Bridge were very quiet (what’s left of them!).
To see all this for yourself the best way is by bike!

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