Saturday 24th August 2013.

A slight breeze this morning for the early bike-ride, and, really, a cool breeze is better than the hot, humid, still air that you get now and then.
I see that there’s a car-boot-sale at Coney Green School one Sunday (might be tomorrow – not sure). This means that the council will ‘rent-out’ car pitches, to local sellers, for the morning. The problem is that this ‘regulation-free’ mode of ‘shop-rental’ is (say) £X per pitch and therefore 10 pitches ‘sold’ = £X x 10 – easy-peasy maths and money for the council with no expensive overheads like electricity and teachers wages to worry about eh? (Do the same for The High-Street and the place will boom!) So, watch-out all the other Radcliffe schools – they might turn you into car-boot-sale venues! (£X x P = G.Take. This applies at each Venue. You have to spell things logical out for the council.)(P = Pitches – get it?)(G = Gross Take)(N = Net Take (i.e. Take after Expenses.))(Therefore N = G – E) Expenses are things like Advertising in the Bury Times, so, N = G – A. Now, if N ends-up being a minus figure…
It could easily explain the national, public-sector deficit! (And not a GDP or RPI in sight – and when you’ve disproved all the possibilities, what’s left must be the truth. (After Conan-Doyle.))
(Take a break while the world’s politicians print that out and cajole Carol Vorderman into explaining it.)
Meanwhile, for the normal citizens of Radcliffe, that dislike public-sector frivolity, here’s a picture, taken this morning, of Banana Walk.
(Which complies with that old EU Direktive that bananas should be straight.)

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