Sunday August 25th 2013.

Dry and sunny for this morning’s bike-ride around Radcliffe, that included a quick foray into a local car-boot sale. There were six or seven ‘car-boots’. So the curse of the high-street isn’t, it seems, limited to fancy town-centre shops. or, of course, the car-boot-sale could be ‘double-booked’, i.e., another is held on the same day thus dividing the car numbers (and customers). Mmm…now, if it’s cost the council £100 to get a worker down to the car-boot venue in his/her trendy little car and this person takes back say £80 in pitch-rents…well, it’s the universal story of politics, isn’t it? (See yesterday’s blog!) But, at least the car-booters had a fine morning, let’s hope they pulled a few bob for their trouble.
From the smooth tarmac (hard-standing) of the car-boot car-park (the council can arrange it if they have to!) the bike-ride carried on up Bury Road, as usual for the past few weeks, and then through, at Withins, to the canal tow-path. Here the cut-throat cut and thrust of streety retail is forgotten, amid scenes of cows, sheep and horses that haven’t changed much in two or perhaps three hundred years. (Except, perhaps for the mile or so of pretty smooth pink tarmac over the rough of the tow-path – not council-funded I believe though). And, despite the efforts of a local Wild Bill Hickok, an ardent dog-walker mentioned that the pigeons (at the Red Bridge) were back. And, in an field opposite, a large flock of herbivorial Canadian ‘raptors were sat, motionless, waiting, just looking at the grassy acreage before them, ready to pounce…
perfectly happy to forage and live-off what they find.
Before going out on the bike £5.50p was taken from my change jar in case something handy was seen, and bought, at the car-boot-sale. But nothing was. No transactions or purchases were made at all. So, putting £6.07p back into the jar, upon my return, was interesting, to say the least. Mind you, I’d watched the Harry Potter film on TV last night so I put the small ‘profit’ (for that’s what it indeed was) down to magic.

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