Monday 26th August 2013.

A very sunny Bank Holiday (how quaint!) Monday, around Radcliffe, and there were plenty of walkers and cyclists about earlier.
An early bike-ride, before the traffic clogs the roads, is easier and safer than a later one and, coupled with a mile or two along a local cycle-route, a circuit, to suit you, in length and difficulty, can easily be planned. Some roads, locally, are marked with cycle-lanes and these are safer than those unmarked. But watch for potholes within the lanes – they are notorious!
Initially, a daily ride of say, a mile, will seem hard work, but after a few mornings of doing the same ride, it’ll get easier and easier. Add a little distance to your circuit and carry on. This applies to walkers as well as cyclists.
For geriatrics, getting back into walking and/or cycling is a bit of a steepish learning-curve, but being able to walk a mile or so renders the bus-pass usefully cost-effective – and the car an expensive stress-burden – but it is quite possible to lose it. Not easy, but the resulting and immediate £ savings are, if you like a warm house and food, in the winter, well worth it.

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