Friday 30th August 2013

A technical problem, for the past few days, prevented the blog and so bike-rides were done camera-less and fast. Speeds of 10 mph were attained on the old Apollo (Halfords have been informed!). So the pic is one taken a few days ago but, this morning the weather and light are similar around Radcliffe.
(For the erm, technically-minded: This site was visited ‘cloaked’, but it would have been tricky posting via multiple pages. Being able to do that suggested that the problem was not here but at the host.)
Radcliffe is, its usual half-asleep self but, nationally, a normally unheard of touch of common-sense from those governmental in the teetering parliament building, deem that war is, for the time being, averted. I’ve put me pitch-fork back in the garden shed as a result but the WW11 shell-deflectors, on the bike, aren’t in the way so I’ll leave them on.
Time to re-list a few speed-dial favourites – the cache was cleared in case I had an iffy gremlin a’lurking…

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