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Monday 30th September 2013.

Cooler again this morning and the profusion of green growths, on the canal, is finally showing signs of dissipating – it always does – no matter how much of the canal is initially covered, it soon disappears and all is as it was before. Just a black nothing.
On the fun front that nice Mr. Cameron is really pushing his vote-guarant…sorry, mortgage guarantee scam by bringing it forward. (Is he on a bung from Wonga?) Well, he’s got to do something, pm salary is a few grand; back-pocket change compared to british gas boss who pulled nigh-on £5,000,000.00p this annum – you know, standing-charge plus bonus and no voter worries.
And the public are being sounded-out as to the new work for dole scam. It’s supposedly starting in six months. The unemployed will be expected to shift litter(?), cook for ‘old-folk’ (thanks a bunch!), and other menial tasks…mmm, work in a council department perhaps? Or even run a council department? Become a union boss? And all for dole money. Sounds good and cheap to me. But, as ever, scams always end-up costing more than they ‘save’. Hence: Deficit & Debt.
Wow! The eu advertising budget, at about £2,400,000,000.00p (yes, pounds not euros), beats that of Coca Cola at £2,130,000,000.00p. Brilliant! The eu wannabe’s just need to figure-out why Coca Cola make money from that while they, the eu, end-up with: Deficit & Debt.

Sunday 29th September 2013.

A breeze this morning and cool early on, but still sunny along the canal tow-path. It being a Sunday the thought of fun about seemed remote. But no. That nice Mr. Cameron has a new scam under way. He’ll ear-mark twelve billion pounds, of tax-payers money, as part guarantee for umpteen new house mortgages for folk. This means that about 200,000 folk will be ‘lucky’ enough (?) to be able to borrow up to £600,000.00p on mortgage. Golly gee, how lucky they are. Imagine paying all that back with interest – especially if, in a few years hence, you end-up on the proposed ‘workfare’ programme – 40 hours graft for dole money! So, those governmental, it seems, think that ‘home-ownership’ just means getting a mortgage (debt). A sure-fire vote-winner eh?
There’s a nostalgic? story today about the tv licensing Detector vans. Remember those? They are something to do with ‘The TV Licensing Executive Management Forum’ (?). These expensive vans were supposed to patrol the streets with a tall ‘antennae’ on their roof. This would ‘home-in’ on TV’s that were being watched without a licence! Inside the van would be James Bond style ‘radio’ equipment and black-suited men with ear-phones on. Aww…the lengths the silly old beeb has gone to… mind you the vans are still out there we’re told, (oh golly gosh!) expensively equipped for the 21st century. And you all thought that the tv licence funded programmes!
Ah, the days when a tv was important… (tv licence ‘evasion’, as the beeb call it, or basic common-sense as anyone else calls it, was at 5.8% as of August. Last year it was 5.2% – get the vans out!) In the Wail there is a pic of a tv detector van with pc inside, with MiB sat next to it. This must be posed entirely by models as nothing remotely IT, or ‘British Leyland’, or ’employed’, by those governmental, has ever worked!
Detector vans!? I ask you…

Saturday 28th September 2013.

Sunny but cooler this morning and not at all unpleasant, with mist hiding the far hills of Oldham.
Normally, of a morning, I’m on the look-out for fun stories on the ‘net. But this morning, rather than fun, puzzlement crosses my mind as a young lady student finds herself in £20,000.00p worth of (expensive?) debt after a student loans company botch-up. Apparently this loan was for her first year’s study at uni.
Why am I puzzled?
Well, what on earth can you learn, in year one at uni, that’s worth 20 pence, let alone £20,000.00p plus interest? Mind you, she has learned quite a bit about loan companies – over the years that’ll be worth a hell of a lot more than £20,000.00p!
One blogger asks if that nice Mr. Milibland has already won the next general election with his energy price-freeze scam. This, to the novice voter, sounds great – something for nowt – free!
But us old lags have heard of this type of ‘free’ before. It’s the same ‘free’ as in the national health service, british rail, the national coal-board, the water board, education (? free? see above!) With this kind of free, before you actually get anything at all you have to fund the public-sector. Sadly, since all this started, the (free?) inland revenue service, has never pulled enough to cover all the ‘free’ stuff and so they’ve had a lad called Merv on overtime on his old Heidelberg at Threadneedle Street. He’s been making what they call ‘free’ money.
(Sadly old Merv soon got wore out with all the graft and they got a younger lad from the US in. He’s got a lot more experience with all this ‘free’ business.)
And really, the next general election is arbitrary. These days they just send the cash to a place called Brussels regardless. And there, in the free club, all this is a way of life. But at least one person has experienced the reality of all this ‘free’ business, at the hands of the (free?) student loans service. And one day, eventually, it’ll be payback time.
This second picture is of a rarity. An empty field.

Friday 27th September 2013.

Fine and sunny this morning and the distant turbines at the windfarm were a’turnin’…well, some of them were but not all. From the canal bridge, at Coney Green, you can easily see the turbines but the camera sometimes can’t – it’s a bit too far. Then again who wants to photograph wind-turbines?
The attempt, by power supplier N-Power & Turpin (Deceased), to get me to pay not only my energy bill but the bills of possibly two skint Grecian families as well, has failed miserably. A little wordie on the ‘phone and common-sense has prevailed and I won’t have to pay nearly half of me pension! to brew-up and make a bit of toast.
Once again the brilliant eu has hit the fun headlines with its fresh demand for £450,000,000.00p (from us in the UK) to keep it solvent for a day or two. They need, apparently £6-7billion or – wait for it – the eu will run out of cash! (Not all news is bad!!!) It’s at times like this that we find out whose side those governmental are really on.
Interestingly that nice Stephanie Flanders (her dad was really funny too!) is ‘going private’ rather than reading from a script at the bbc. Mind you, after 11 years at the very strangely operated bbc, assisting at a small, simple, market-stall might have been a better introduction to the real world for a while, but she’d have probably made that basic, entrepreneurial task, complicated. We’ll see how she does without the concept of ‘licence fee’ to back her up.
G4s (?) have tendered for a £1,000,000,000.00p governmental contract to, print our banknotes!!! Meself, I thought they already had one!

Thursday 26th September 2013.

The air is much fresher around here this morning but, as usual, that means it’s colder. Mind you, in view of possibly forthcoming governmental policies, it might be prudent, (remember that?) to get used to the bloody cold! But there is a tiny spark of fun to be gleaned from the usual boring old ‘news’ dross. The cheap statins pills that most over-fifties take (?) do, it seems, cause us ‘memory-loss’ amongst other iffy side-effects. Bear this in mind if faced with ‘fines’ if you ‘forget’ to send in your yearly tax-form, or ‘forget’ the actual figures…or anything. The picture, above was taken, erm, this morning I think and is of, erm, geese, is it?
Apparently, in 2011/2012, UK councils raked-in over £10,000,000,000.00p in parking-fines and other general services. Mmm… I wonder what ‘The Rates’ are for? Nice work eh?
(These figures from the ‘Audit Commission’ which will be ‘wound-up’ before 2015 to save, over ten years, £1,200,000,000.00p. In certain sectors it’s like confetti isn’t it?)
Just got a new energy-payment-bill thingy in. The rise in both lecky and gas is huge; will be ‘inflationary’, and so next year’s pension rise should take that into account. Watch-out for some dodgy inflation-rate massaging there though, as they did a couple of years back. I note too that the old ‘standing-charges’ are back – they were (to some extent) outlawed a few years back by someone governmental. But, of course, I may be wrong, I am on statins don’t forget…
Erm, no Spam…??? If someone’s responsible – Thanks! Brilliant!

Wednesday 25th September 2013.

A heavy mist is all over the place this morning but it’s no problem, really, for cyclists. That huge bramble bush, by the Red Bridge, over the canal, could be. It’s massive. Nearby, at the closed-down school, cars were in the car-park and some lights were lit inside this morning…???
Not wanting to freely advertise for politicians, but didn’t that nice Mr. Milibland do well? Normally, it’s the tv adverts that get all the interest – hence the beeb is simply wasted time – here. But watching, and listening, to this potential prime minister was most beneficial from a ‘business’ point of view. Probably, as a result, the whole Private, business-sector, will already be hedging its bets (investment, expansion, job-creation, research, energy-supply – wise) in case this man is actually elected. Meself, even though an election is way-off yet, I’m staying safely ‘on strike’. That way the OPM that all of these funded folk need to operate their silly schemes, in the main, won’t be mine! In fact, now, I’m getting a little of what was mine, back.
There were nearly 700 Spam-posts to shift earlier on. Yet folk reckon the ‘net is the way forward!

Tuesday 24th September 2013.

Warm and misty this morning early on and Autumn is settling-in around the off-road areas of Bury and Radcliffe.
Was surfing a few other blog-sites last night and came across ‘Hey Wot Now’, or something like that. Another geriatric is at that helm and, as a result, the blogs etc. are on the funny side. Mind you, he hates cyclists so I’d not be flavour of the month there!
On the governmental front it’s all about this McBride malarkey, which, for those of us not particularly interested in publicising such folk, is sheer boredom to say the least. There’d be none of this if these people had to actually work for a living.
Amazon have, apparently, lost a shedload of cash renting-out films. So much so that those governmental have ‘awarded’ them a £2,000,000.00p ‘Tax-Credit’. Strangely, even jotting-out my pensioned ins and outs on a piece of paper, I find it hard to make ‘a loss’. But I’ll keep trying.
Locally, Bury council, the folk that control Radcliffe Market, have erected a large new sign on the market wall. It says: Bury, Investing in Radcliffe. Well, the sign must have cost a bit! But rumour pervades that the market will close at Christmas…for a re-vamp?
Meanwhile, locally, as Autumn again comes around, with a bit of hazy sunshine at the moment, the off-road greenery is just beginning to fade. Giant leaves of skin-dissolving Hogweed are yellowing, after re-seeding most of the wild, river areas. Himalayan Balsam is, after a very good town-encompassing season, just starting to droop. And the attractive but foundation-cracking Japanese Knotweed has gotten an impossible to shift hold at riverside spots everywhere.
A few Roe Deer, spotted over the past year or two, are now a small herd (?) and a Kingfisher has been twitched at a watery spot.
Interestingly, the Elton Swan pair have chased-off the Radcliffe Wharf female, and were, this morning, settling-in at Radcliffe.
And, just before the picture of the footbridge above was taken, wild rabbits were using it to cross the river.

Monday 23rd September 2013.

443 Spam-posts removed! The pic today is of Bury Town Hall/Elizabethan Suite, which is, basically, a pub with the council chambers latched onto it. (It must save on travel-expenses)
Back in Radcliffe, at the Tower archaeological dig site, the JCB is apparently there before the dig actually starts, to do the place up a bit. Around here even the scheduled ancient monuments are falling to bits!
Some whiz-kid researcher has discovered that there are 191 drivers, in the uk, over the age of one hundred. Of course there are. How else can they get to work?
Meself, when I hit sixty-five, I thought, ‘Will I be safe driving a car?’ Not, I thought, with all the idiots on the roads I won’t! So I gave-up the car and got a bike!
The bike I use is second-hand, (at best!) but is fine for everyday geriatric use. I’ve done it up a bit but haven’t painted it – you know, as they do in the RAF.
It looks like that nice Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a third term. It’s funny how we use school-type definitions when we’re on about politicians isn’t it?

Sunday 22nd September 2013.

Sunny and warm this morning and the sun is set, they say, to last for a few days. So that may be something to smile about. As is the story that Jimmy Choo shoe founder Tamara Mellon is ditching her husband Matthew. He’s (at least) a billionaire. She’s got to be a millionaire (probably multi…). The smile comes when you realise that they met at Narcotics Anonymous.
Apparently those governmental have spent £1,400,000,000,000.00p on general benefits since 2000. It it any wonder that we’re all skint?
Of course spending cash at that rate is fine, so long as it’s coming in at a greater rate. But, not to fear, councils are apparently well interested in the new ZenGrab Lane Watch MK2 road speed cameras that can nab fifty times as many motorists as the old Gastso’s. At a paltry £17,000 per camera (rates funded?) the machines are expected to pay for themselves in a day or two! Nice ‘work’ eh?
There’s never been a better time to ride a bike!
Mind you, that nice Mr. Miliband says he’ll bring socialism back (erm, when did it go away?) so we’ll all be on (Boris?) bikes anyway pretty soon. There is one aspect about ‘socialism’ that I like – the old Workingmen’s Clubs, remember those? They were where workers, of all levels, got together, after a week’s graft, for a truly ‘social’ evening disposing of a little income. Another area of socialism – The Redistribution of Wealth – ended all that by disposing of your income before you got it!
People just love socialism – so much so that those registered with nhs g.p.’s now total 2,000,000 more than the actual population! Mmm…
…so, one day, perhaps, just going off the numbers, a new speed camera may nab a car – without a driver…???

Saturday 21st September 2013.

Drizzly rain this morning and it was quiet, early on, around Ye Olde Tower where the archaeological dig is going on. (Strangely, along the main road in the vicinity, to see history along the tarmac, you don’t need to dig!) It was a bit more interesting further along the road at the bridge over the river Irwell. Nice looking Japanese ? shrubbery in the photo eh?
A lady mp – shadow treasury secretary or sumfink – says that folk around London on about £60,000.00p per year aren’t rich and shouldn’t be targeted for increased income-tax. A few days ago other public-sector bods on about this much were also mentioned. Not for me to decide the taxation-levels, or freely point out mega-anomalies, but the sheer, amateur, money-wasting methods I read about are astounding – especially with regard to the mentioned mp’s ‘job’!
Mind you, the deficit is down a few £billion this month so those governmental might be on a bit of a high. Just don’t mention the public debt!
Someone is actually worrying because houses are being bought with – wait for it – cash. Mmm…around here it’s always been like that – the problem being that, for most, it’s someone else’s!
On a local note: At a township meeting last night (?) folk were told that plans to ‘upgrade’ Radcliffe Market will commence just after Christmas when the present market will close.