Friday 15th November 2013.

On the cold side this morning but dry and windless. Rode the bike along busy, school-run roads with no problems. London must be, for cyclists, a nightmare. Perhaps, rather than hs2, an existing section of London’s road-system could be designated ‘traffic-free’ just to give two-wheeled pedallers a chance?
Locally, if an existing cycle-route were extended for say a quarter of a mile, cyclists (walkers too of course) would have a traffic-free, flat and easy, straight run into Bury, from the Bradley Fold area, that would take ten to fifteen minutes on a steady bike. A bus, taking the straightest, but still ’roundabout’ route can take up to an hour for this journey. The quarter-mile ‘extension’ would cut well over a mile each way from the present route (to Bury) that cyclists presently make. Even so, at rush-hour, a bike to Bury is still the most ‘speedy’, cost-effective, option. Away from the traffic bikes are, too, very safe. It just seems that bikes and motorised road-traffic simply do not go together very well. So, keep ’em apart! Simples!
Then again, with all this computer malarkey, I often wonder if travelling to work is beyond its sell-by date. Especially for those that work, daily, with a computer. Mmmm…perhaps a ‘Clocking-in’ app would help…

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