Saturday 16th November 2013.

Warm and dry this morning and, along Banana Walk, Autumn’s natural colours are all around. Pedestrian and cycle-routes, like this one, are surely the answer to over-crowded roads – especially at rush-hours.
Nearby there is an interesting ‘problem’ with one of the old, redundant, railway-bridge supports that still stands at the canal-side. Built with large blocks of well-cut stone, the stone ‘courses’ (layers) don’t line-up with the water-level – which, if spirit-levels are right, should be dead-level.
Strangely, too, the leaves, on the water-surface, were moving from left to right. Was the water moving uphill?
It is, of course, an optical illusion, but, possibly, for many walking home after a good night in the nearby pub, something of a rude awakening!
Not far away, I believe, a set of locally famous old gates have finally been moved to (initially) a place of safety. The idea may be to re-erect them, as an item of local historic interest, somewhere that they may be again used. Near ye olde Tower site perhaps?
Reading around some of the more ‘common-sense’ orientated websites I get the feeling that many (particularly those of an entrepreneurial ilk) are dissatisfied with their, generally, unrepresented (by anyone political) status.
In Atlas Shrugged several such went ‘on strike’ and opted for a secret life away from it all. A trait, I feel, that many today might aspire to.
Then, it was a real, physical operation.
But now it could simply be virtual.
Nothing is impossible. Just look at the bloody bridge support!

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