Sunday 24th November 2013.

No ice about this morning and so it was reasonably safe, on two wheels, for anyone, let alone an OAP. There’s not much motorised traffic either on a Sunday so no problems there.
Canada Geese aren’t, perhaps, the nicest birds to have around. But the huge flying gaggle that landed, very noisily, on the farm-fields this morning, were awesome to watch.
On the subject of watching: John Hurt on Doctor Who last night made the show! The rest of it was, as it always was and should be, a Children’s Programme, and thus shouldn’t be criticized by anyone adult. Sadly, at times, I feel this attitude should apply en masse to the beeb! Folk at the beeb ever hanker for a rise in tv licence fees that fund them, currently, I believe, to something over £3,000,000,000.00p per year. Should the poor dears ‘go Private’ at any time they’d probably pull that from just one, big-time, advertiser for a year! But don’t tell them. Critics would be lost without the on-going beeb none reality comedy-show!
Closer to home Christmas, here, this year, will be of an entrepreneurial nature. For the first time related relations have vowed not to buy each-other any presents. Strangely, it’s the first time, in forty-five years, that I haven’t needed a) a second-mortgage, or, b) a credit-card, at Christmas. It is a most surreal feeling – one unheard of, I wonder, since 0001 AD? Needless to say, with some family members there is more than a hint of withdrawal symptom suspicion over this non-Christmassy development. (As I write two family members are hard at it, clearing a wardrobe of yearly accumulated, non-used, oft expensive, smelly, ex-Christmas presents!) Has, I hope, a wake-up call registered at last?!
Refreshingly, perhaps, at this blog politics and its unfathomable plot is ignored to some extent, so’s not to give those concerned their craved publicity and credence. Here, thoughts entrepreneurial are are the norm. But occasionally the two concepts are brought together as a possibly Profit-inducing exercise, mainly, of course, for fun. From politics I understand that 29,000,000 eu citizens may wish to emigrate to the UK as of the New Year. Entrepreneurially that’s 29,000,000 more customers for gawds sake! But, with what Christmassy gifts can I thus tempt them?
Mmm…better start feeding-up that gaggle of Canada Geese along the canal!

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