Monday 25th November 2013

Sunny, this morning, but with some nasty patches of ice on the main roads. Not ideal for two wheels but okay when the roads were left behind for the off-road routes – if you fall-off here there shouldn’t be a forty-ton lorry right behind you!
On the home-front the recently imposed ‘no Christmas present buying’ policy seems to be holding-up – with some nervous nail-biting in some quarters. It has taken forty-five years of Wonga-like dealings, just after each Yuletide, for this to sink-in. Doubtless it’ll take another forty-five before folk remember to insert my/our Sales Catalogue with each Chrissy Card! (Chrissy Cards! Yikes! Expensive but great on a Market Stall!)
Possibly as a sanity-check, after the above policy was made public, a couple of family members did condescend to visit, yesterday, for a pot of Smart-Price Tea. One, normally a Golfy Boy-Racer, now sports a sedate Volvo Estate!!! and has, quite recently, installed Linux Mint on an otherwise Windows-Overladen mundane desktop PC. Result? Great! Especially for downloading cra… stuff off the ‘net. More importantly this eagle-eyed relative spotted a very-well-to-do Business Building, in his now full-leather and silent travels, and took a photograph. The business description was: Tropical Plant Hire. The company was doing nicely thanks. But, who on earth hires Tropical Plants? Who knows? But seeing such puts selling such things as Chrissy Cards or say Inner Tubes into a far more ‘normal’ light and highlights well the concept of Entrepreneurial Diversity. Not to mention the sheer Entrepreneurial usefulness of ‘Estate’ !!!
On the Fun front the chancellor has contrarily said: I support Free Markets so I will regulate them properly. (Or words to that effect)
So do I. The last time I looked it was nearly £14 a day at Radcliffe Indoor, and the place was empty!
(At Radcliffe Indoor plugs are extra. I mean, who can mend a bike puncture without a plug in the sink?!)
For nought enthusiasts: Total UK yearly council tax = £22,400,000,000.00p.
Yearly pension requirement of folk collecting it = £5,700,000.000.00p.
And the written laws that have to be passed to allow hs2 to trundle the rails between London and …well, ?, take-up 55,000 pages. In comparison the £42,000,000,000.00p cost of the actual frigging train probably pales into insignificance!

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