Tuesday 26th November 2013.

Wintry but ice-free this morning and, therefore, a few miles were done in order to ‘fall inline’ with general governmental, OAP, exercise direktives. Really though, that’s as far as it goes with things governmental. Usually the best policy is ‘au contrare’ (I think it’s spelled like that.)
The swans, in the picture, look rustically elegant perhaps, but the two distant ones had just finished wing-battering and chasing each other along the canal water. Evidently one of them was from elsewhere. The nearer birds are this years cygnets – still with a few brownish feathers.
The sixties are remembered well. So it was great to watch ‘the young Morse’ again on TV last night. The show is ok but they must watch the car-models/dates/registration-letters a bit more closely. The red Jag – without a yearly registration letter (thus pre ’63 yet ‘just nine months old’ in the script) – (B was ’64) was next to a black car with a G letter (’69) which, in the supposed year the film was set in, (Thursday’s Jag had a ’65 road-tax expiry date) shouldn’t have even been built yet! (Mmm…detection! detection!)
These young Morse shows are on all week and are a change from the silky-smooth ‘commercial’ stuff from the many and varied American Cop/fbi/cia/homeland security ‘I’ve got a bigger badge than you’ shows. Sadly Mrs.C. looks upon all forms of Morse as an insomnia cure rather than a mental exercise. They seemed to have got the bikes right last night though, and, like the great old British cars, many of these are still road-worthy.
On the Fun front a big ‘energy’ firm has come-up with several technical/financial reasons for not going ahead with the new-build of a massive Bristol Channel (I think) based wind-farm. Why not just tell the truth and say: ‘Can’t be arsed.’

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