Wednesday 27th November 2013.

Much warmer this morning than of late and that’s often a warning of…wait for it…snow. Yes, in winter it snows in the UK. Which oft means that 99.99% of motorised road, rail and air traffic stops. And the bike is iffy. So I’ve got-in an extra months prescription, from our md, to be on the safe side. A good idea, when the weather is set to turn, for all folk, let alone OAP’s.
Watched another ‘young Morse’ last night and they could have made a good series about young Morse’s boss, Fred Thursday. With his realistic pipe, then common Mark 2 Jag (not sure about the black paint-job though) and a spot-on Trilby, his iffy detective skills, for a TV show, wouldn’t have mattered. Then again the George Gently character/series may, with a superb (real) Rover 3 Litre instead of a Jag, be too similar.
Watched the Madame Pompadour Doctor Who repeat too. One of the good ones when this kiddie-show also appealed to adults!
Mentioned here yesterday the refusal, by a major eu (?) ‘energy’ company, to get involved – build – a large wind-farm around our Bristol Channel. There’s speculation about this morning that the said company has also done quite a few other ‘retreats’ lately. Mmm…is RWE Shrugging I ask meself?
It could be, but then, tucked away in a ‘news’ story about it all, was the phrase ‘…trying to sort out its debt-mountain…’ Well, nuff said eh?
Compared to mere shrugging, doing that, in today’s tax-regimes, is megalithic.
Not to mention the sheer illogicity of a power company with a debt-mountain.

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