Thursday 28th November 2013.

Not cold but very misty this morning and the mist isn’t clearing. Not that it matters once ‘off-road’ and along the bike-routes.
On the OAP armchair front: last night was okay with part one of a Doctor Who repeat of a repeat about the Cybermen. Brilliant stuff but the baddie was once great in the Only Fools repeat of repeat shows and it’s still difficult to take him seriously. Especially after the scene where Dell falls through the pub bar-top.
Later another young Morse repeat of a repeat was on. These are good – especially when Fred Thursday’s around puffing at his realistic pipe. But for detective puzzle fans the lack of a ‘foil’ – a detective that young Morse can talk to/exchange ideas etc. – means that for quite a bit of the show young Morse just sits somewhere pulling strange, mentally-stressed faces while thinking hard. The ‘baddie’, being a psychologist, and ostensibly there to help the police, was a bit hackneyed and contrived too. But some interesting literary puzzles, that only a Morse can understand and thus use as clues, do keep you watching. Time and again. Sadly.
On the Fun front: OAP’s in the UK have the lowest state pensions except for Mexico! D’you think we didn’t already know that? But it’s not surprising as (for nought enthusiasts) £5,000,000,000.00p of unpaid student-loan debts belong to 370,000 students – that can’t be traced! By 2042 this figure is expected to be £200,000,000,000.00p. Which beggars the question: Just what are these students actually learning?
On the Natural Front: Those governmental ever stress the need for exercise for OAP’s and here, besides walking (a bit) and cycling (much better), a bit of basic gardening is done. Earlier this year, from a few peelings, several pounds (kilo’s for the metricians) of very good potatoes were grown in the back yard. At the same time a few onion tops and bottoms (really for the compost heap) were planted to see how they grew. They grew fine and, a firm red onion, that grew from an old ‘bottom’, was excellent when washed and ‘tested’ – it was very Spring-onion-like. Natch the top and bottom of this onion will be re-planted and left for nature to cultivate. I found that from a top or bottom three or four ‘new’ onions sprout. One such sprout has seeded and maybe that will generate myriad ‘new’ onion plantlets…
On the subject of ‘growing’ – Bitcoin has hit $1,000. Yet my PC time is oft deemed ‘a waste…’

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