Friday 29th November 2013.

Dull, misty and with a blustery North wind today and so a longer outing was done. Coming back, along the canal (see pic) the wind was strongly against but not enough to give the biggest waves across Elton Res. So a short hike, from the canal to the Res., wasn’t done today.
Part Two of the Doctor Who repeat of a repeat, with Cybermen, was good last night and so was the well-repeated young Morse show. It gets a bit contrived though with the Oxford criminal fraternity seemingly committing special crimes for the special detective to solve with his uni-learned top-drawer knowledge.
After young Morse the cheapo channels were flipped and, on an oft repeated Quest slot was an How Do They Do It programme. This one was brilliant with: How they make tobacco pipes, and, How they make leather bicycle saddles, being shown. I mean. I thought it was me birthday again. The pipes were Dunhill, the saddles Brooks. It was like an extension of Morse’s nineteen-sixties that survive well today. Rather than the rather depressing nature of many ‘political/economic/financial’ websites lately, the more positive, Private Sector slant is oft overlooked. But, in that How do they do it leather bike saddle programme, the dirty, scruffy, old, little machine, that coils and cuts the main springs for Brooks superb saddles, (two per saddle) probably never stops…
…and they can’t make enough Dunhill pipe sets…
…quality British stuff – the best that Bitcoin can buy!
On the Fun front, some foreign country has decided to simply Tax a jailed drug-dealer. Simple common-sense at last. It must be fifteen years ago that I suggested, on some website or other, that ‘to make things go away’, just tax them aka the UK. We might still make pipes and bike saddles but everything else is imported. Even the TV programmes about them!

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