Saturday 30th November 2013.

It looks like summer outside with plenty of sun. But, take care, it’s very cold out there. But not, I think, quite freezing.
Being nice and bright I used the camera zoom and took a pic of the nearby hillside wind-farm. Most of the windmills were turning so someone’s cash-register would be a’jingling.
Watched the fourth and final young Morse repeated repeat last night and it was, as the rest, quite good. Most TV weather-stations are predicting a long cold spell. (Well, we usually call it Winter) So I guess all that global-warming stuff was just ‘in passing’ as you might say. But hey ho, it got a few taxes raised, stealthily!
For nought fans there is a number today, but not with many noughts. It’s the accumulated Private debt that we in the UK have run up: £1,429,624,000,000.00p. I think it says: One trillion, four hundred and twenty nine billion, six hundred and twenty four million, pounds.
No wonder Wonga’s doing okay!

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