Monthly Archives: December 2013

Tuesday 31st December 2013.

Wind and rain this morning so a wet ride out around Radcliffe.
Along the canal the rain pelted and shelter below the bridge at Withins was sought. Already soaked a photo, looking toward Bury, was thought a good idea and the camera primed…RECHARGE BATTERY came-up on the camera screen. DOH!
So an older pic today – the last day of 2013 – enjoy tonight!

Monday 23rd December 2013.

Bad weather is forecast but out and about early-on it was okay. There were quite a few cars etc on the roads so some folk are still hard at it and working.
On the fun front several of those governmental, usually the wannabee’s, have realised that very shortly Eastern Europe can call here and claim benefits. Natch they don’t know what to do about this except have arguments, which gives the canny time to have sales lit. translated as required!
Meanwhile, on a far more local front, the Eating Allowance has been wisely invested (at asda’s) and on the international pensioner front (?) Dolly Parton will be ‘headlining’ at Glastonbury.

Saturday 21st December 2013.

Much warmer today and so a ride to Radcliffe, to see The Tree, was done. I had heard that The Tree was leaning, but I think that might be an optical illusion, you know, everything else is leaning but the tree isn’t.
Traffic was light to nothing so biking was fine and at least thrice (oooh! remember that?) as fast as the bus.
Dark clouds overhead right now and it is pouring down. From today though it does start to go lighter, longer, each day. Something to do with Druids I think.

Thursday 19th December 2013.

Cold this morning and a full moon last night. But dry and windless for the ride around.
Two more days and it starts going light again…
Meanwhile the local canal paths are wintry but easily ride able.
To slow things down there’s a Road Works (again!) along Ainsworth Road so nipping around the back-streets, although a pot-hole nightmare, saves a bit of time.

Monday 16th December 2013.

Happy Birthday Anthem! 🙂 Boxing-day looks like being a general Clan meet again, time and weather permitting.
Drizzly rain this morning but such weather makes rides-out interesting. You put your hood up and carry on, drawing excitement, in December doldrums, as wet brakes do little, regards stopping, at traffic-lights at the bottom of hills. Or at slopes leading down, directly, to local canal edges. Somersaulting handlebars a cyclists learning-curve.
Brake-block diversity studies are under way.
On the fun front research shows that small-businesses could pull up to £400,000,000,000.00p this winter.
The problem, many find, is that it costs £500,000,000,000.00p to do it. Which is, simply, a waste of ink. (or bytes)
But a group of OAP’s have pulled a pension-boosting £77,000,000.00p this year by playing guitars and jumping around on stages all over the place. Hopefully Rolling Stones gather no loss! (Do they Bus Pass to gigs?)

Sunday 15th December 2013.

Warm this morning but a bit of wind has been forecast.
A dry-run though, pot-hole-dodging around Radcliffe streets.
Along the canal there’s now a megagaggle ( 🙂 ) of Canada Geese eating the grass verges.
The weather – presently well globally-warmed – does allow safe cycling being ice-free. Mid December is usually like a skating-rink for bikers, so enjoy while it lasts.
Here, a few other ‘keyboard tasks’ deem short blogs while they’re sorted.
For a good winter read try the Jack Reacher books by Lee Childs. Strong stuff but highly readable.