Monthly Archives: January 2014

Thursday 30th January 2014.

Quite a bit cooler this morning but at least it was dry.
On the Fun front folk in europe say our out-of-work benefits and state-pension investment-return are far too low – they should be doubled. Natch several politicians are screaming! That’ll teach them to join silly and expensive eu ‘klubs’. Without the klub contributions pensioners could be paid a real investment-return (after years of paying-in) and this, as general ‘buying-power’, would help the economy.
It’s all good Fun really.

Monday 27th January 2014.

A bit on the grim side for a ride around this morning. Really dull around Warth and the Lattice Bridge and even the trams were going slow around there. (??)
There’s loads of blocked grids along Bury Road too. And, an enormous pothole. Pics tomorrow.
On the left-hand bank of the Irwell, by the Lattice Bridge in today’s pic, there is a desolate section of riverbank. Here, in summer, you can see: Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam all growing in (more or less) one spot! In the winter months (like now) the area is just a wasteland of old Hogweed stems where little will grow…

Friday 24th January 2014.

Rainy again this morning and, yesterday, in Radcliffe, there were hailstones about. There’s a touch of ice on puddles today but nothing major.
On the Fun front some political bod has realised that there’s not much going-on in parliament. No bills or laws being passed or pushed-through (as they say). Apparently this is because it’s all done in Brussels now at the eu. So, in the interests of saving a bundle…can’t we…you know, dissolve, until further notice…?