Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tuesday 21st January 2014.

On the cold side this morning but very clear for photos along Radcliffe Canal.
And, along Banana, several ‘regular’ People-Walkers were about – one a Lakeland I think…
Apparently, nationwide, Otters are making a bit of a comeback and a ‘watch’ is kept, of a morning, in case one is spotted. I’ve a feeling that for these animals the Nature Trail may be a better location – but you never know – if there are sufficient fish in the canal/river Otters will be after them…
There’s a pair of swans up Hinds getting settled too.

Saturday 18th January 2014.

A rainy morning again as the Sun eases-off with its solar activity (we’re told). This might herald a period of cold or cooling (in europe?) despite our production of CO2. Mind you, there are those about (yes, today, now) that suggest warming/cooling isn’t to do with our Sun but with our CO2 producing ways.
On the other Fun front the head chappie with that hs2 malarkey will pull £750,000.00p per year train running or not. No wonder the estimates are through the ionosphere! In the Private he’d pull nothing until the train did, and then it would only be his investment back – Profit would be way-off. Sadly those governmental do things the other way around. So it’s a mega loss from day one.
On the local front Radcliffe Indoor Market is now expected to be re-located on the Piazza sometime in March. The weather then may be a bit warmer, but, you never know!

Friday 17th January 2014.

Rainy early-on but not too cold for a ride around.
There is a bit of ‘news’ about riding a bike on pavements. This isn’t good when there are pedestrians about – but, when they’re not…mind you, better to be on a cycle-route anyway, roads are a nightmare on a bike.
Off road a watch is being kept for young Herons locally and, if early enough, Otters. Adult Herons are seen almost daily but they are very timid and difficult to photograph.

Thursday 16th January 2014.

Warm (yes!) and sunny this morning and, right now, cloudless around north Manchester.
Chanced a Nature Trail ride (with the unicyclist) yesterday and got to Agecroft Road Bridge, Prestwich/Salford (?) before turning back. A few pics are at oopart. The viaduct is awesome.
I was told that the canal path to Little Lever is ahem, ‘muddy’ to say the least at the moment – especially by the Meccano Bridge – a good reason for a ride out there then!

Wednesday 15th January 2014.

A touch rainy for the ride around and natch the Irwell is well in water with a couple of Cormorants diving at Warth.
On the Fun front I read of the ‘Open Europe’ ‘Think Tank’. I mean, how much Fun do you want? But, there’s more, the governmental money-man has said, I believe, “We can’t go on like this…” Well, after eighty or ninety years of all things governmental someone has finally realised!
The money-man apparently revealed that the eu has 7% of the population, 25% of the economy, yet 50% of the welfare spending – on the planet!
Down the canal, feeding swans, the term ‘Think Tank’ really does unleash some Fun thoughts. Not that solutions will be (freely) found here but the obvious Fun thought about Think Tanks is: What do they cost? Once you’ve actually started thinking, like that, don’t stop! See, there’s really no need for a Think Tank. If you concentrate a bit, you can do it yourself – which, for many, can be exhilarating!

Tuesday 14th January 2014.

Wet but warm this morning for the ride round.
Read a good ‘noughtie’ number yesterday – $73,500,000,000,000.00p – it’s seventy three trillion, five hundred billion, dollars. It’s the world ‘GDP’ for 2013. That’s the cash generated by free-trade, around the world, in 2013. Just by engaging in ‘free-trade’ rather than any kind of ‘aid’, poverty, hunger, thirst (to put things simply), are being eradicated in what were ‘third world areas’, which, apparently, had good GDP figures due to basic, common-or-garden trade, themselves. (UN statistics)
One ‘area’ starkly apparent as not being so favourably endowed GDP-wise is of course the eu.
Mmm…wonder why?

Sunday 12th January 2014.

An old pic again as it was white with frost this morning and not good for two wheels.
Heard of the eu direkted c.p.c. driving licences yesterday. This was sneaked-in around 2008 and ‘licences’ have to be ‘renewed’ five-yearly. I.e., about now. Another little something that transport firms will have to cough-up. Non-compliance fines are £1,000.00p. I heard that one hour ‘lessons’, and you need eight, cost about £100 each for a cpc licence. So some running such may opt for a far simpler beached deck-chair and a major stress-cut. Food prices? Mmmm…all prices! Natch funded drivers seem to be exempt.