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Tuesday 18th February 2014.

Once again the ‘removal’ of OAP bus passes is up for debate. The country is up to the eyeballs in debt (we’re told) and stopping free bus passes may help to lower that debt. Well, that’s one way of looking at things. But, bear in mind that buses are funded by your rates bills so fares, to an extent, are ‘on top’ of that and even pensioners pay rates. A radical idea may be to give everyone a bus pass. How much would that save a worker going to and from five days a week? And that ‘saving’ might be used elsewhere, fructifying nicely in a far ‘healthier’ economy. Who is going to spend £thousands (or, worse, borrow it) on a car or cars, insurance, tax and fuel when a ‘free’ (well rates funded don’t forget – you are already paying for it!) bus and a bit of walking are available.
Mind you any ‘cuts’ are arbitrary (and make pointless discussion) while so much goes out in (say) foreign aid and eu contributions and various pension funds.

Monday 17th February 2014.

Folk are, increasingly, living and indeed working long after mandatory retirement age of 65. So, if you’re around the ‘just over retirement’ age and feeling ghastly you may (rightly) wonder why.
Stomach aches, bloating, headaches, leg-cramps and pins and needles, difficulty getting out of a chair and walking (yes!) and, to an extent, writing reasonably logically at this website. Not to mention breathlessness and, at times, extreme irritability with other people.
Well, this morning – no wind, very little, if any stomach bloating, no leg-cramps. No problems getting out of chair and going quickly downstairs. No breathlessness. And, I think, the writing here is reasonably coherent yet done fluently from the brain.
Had it not been pouring-down outside I’d have been out, on the bicycle, for a good few miles too.
I have been given a pill that lowers stomach acid. Fair enough – I was in pain with stomach aches last week.
But, possibly more importantly, I’ve given Simvastatin a miss for – just two days!
Yet they want another 5,000,000 older folk to start taking daily Statins asap. Fine. So long as the side-effects are taken into consideration. The problem is – you don’t think adverse effects are ‘side-effects’. You just think: ‘…I’m getting old – I’m bound to feel weird…’ If you’re (say) ninety or more, I might just agree. But if younger and feeling really ‘off’ – look to those Statins for a start.

Wednesday 12th February 2014.

Wet and windy around the northern end of Greater Manchester and it is cold – there was a touch of snow last night. But nothing drastic. Surely nothing that warrants a governmental ‘blank cheque’ because of bad (wintery) weather. Strangely, I can’t think how any kind of cheque or amount of cash will shift, like magic, all that Somerset (and now Thames Valley) water.
It was quite something though to see all those of a governmental persuasion wearing Wellies. Around here no self-respecting dog-walker is without a pair or two. They’re vital for owners of the more ‘adventurous’ type of dog but did those governmental, so pictured recently, have to make urgent purchases at high-streets or online to keep flood dipped feet nicely dry? Aw, the poor dears.
What must be borne in mind is that The British Isles are just that – islands – in a stormy bit of sea. That sea relentlessly batters away at our coasts and slowly erodes our land mass from all sides. One day a wave, perhaps a bit bigger than the others, will wash over our East Coast and meet with a wave similar that has washed from the West Coast. The British Isles will have disappeared under the waves of historical erosion…
Well, it’s one way of getting-out of our £50,000,000.00p eu daily rent.

Tuesday 11th February 2014.

You can’t help thinking of water as, here, it pours down again and clouds are literally at ground-level – it’ll rain all day and there’s more flooding at Somerset and along parts of The Thames.
Just to rub it in; Water Rates, I read, are set to rise by a couple of percent as the relentless inflationary trend upward in bills and salaries etc. eats away at our currency.
Tales of ‘incompetence’ abound too among those entrusted with (say) more than ten (tax-payer-funded) jobs yet without any clue as to what to actually do.
Perhaps it’s time that when folk aspire to working for quango’s they’re ‘means-tested’. Those well-orf, (already well-funded quango-wise) can do the ‘job’ but on a zero-hours contract which ensures that if they bugger it up at least it will have cost us, the tax-payers, bugger all. A few Old-Age-Pensioners would doubtless be delighted to do a little (reverse) means-testing, in the public-interest of course!
Not to mention that the Taxpayers Alliance calculate (usually quite accurately) that one in six of our hard-earned pounds that those governmental spend are wasted. I.e., thrown away; plug-holed; burned. On a Pension that’s like chucking a minimum of £17 a week in the Grey Wheelie Bin. Or would it be the brown one? No, the green one surely…oh dear, who really knows where all our money goes?

Monday 10th February 2014.

A White Frost this morning made parts of the roads an ice-rink and so everyday transport had to be shelved and a more pedestrian life-style adopted for the day. But that doesn’t mean not getting out for an hour.
When getting back in the Somerset Levels and now the flooding Thames are ‘hot’ in the news…

Sunday 9th February 2014.

Even here, in the north, it’s raining non-stop with gusting winds. Looking at the press photographs from around the south things flood-wise seem to be getting worse rather than better. Yet the environment agency thinks ‘a good job is being done’ by them…!??!
Time those governmental diverted some water rather than the funding! Mind you I believe Big Eric has stepped-in as the flood man. Good. And rowing is good for the figure. Oh, Nigel has shown the way forward…no cash for ‘foreign-aid’ (or massive salaries…) until flooded-out folk have been sorted and fully compensated. A few days ‘diverted’ eu rent would help too.
See, it’s not that hard is it?
There’s more and more ‘stuff’ about biofuel for cars sliding-in to various parts of ‘The Press’ lately. It’s probably a softening-up exercise as the biofuel (a mix of unleaded petrol and organic fuel from plants) is already used with a 5% biofuel mix. The eu have decreed a 10% mix asap but this is iffy in some older cars and can damage some engines. Biofuel is less efficient and will costs motorists more, per mile, to use. Some exhaust tests show that co2 emissions, from biofuel use, are higher.
Proving, once again, that Pedals are best!

Friday 7th February 2014.

Light drizzly rain early-on and river levels (The Irwell) are a touch lower. But there was plenty of the wet stuff flying over Warth weir this morning. Really bad weather is again forecast for this weekend – especially around the south-west – and, as far as you can determine, it’s still one big puddle around ‘the Levels’.
A while back something called ‘Universal Credit’ was expounded and some kind of scheme involving it was started by those governmental. It’s still at the ‘I wonder if this will work’ stage (I read) yet has already cost those that will be involved well over £200,000.00p each! The scheme ‘cost’ has been purported to be £2,400,000,000.00p. Folk in the know reckon the scheme is complex. Mmmm…a non-starter then for those governmental! Then again, how hard can anything be with today’s processing power?

Thursday 6th February 2014.

There are some awesome photographs of weather-damaged railway-lines around the press lately. The weather, of course, was to blame. But railway-lines literally on a sea-front? And, apparently, there’s more iffy weather to come.
Locally, being generally higher than sea-level here, flooding on Somerset Levels scale may not occur. But even here, after recent rains, river-levels can rise and fall four or five feet (last year more) very easily.
Yet within a few months folk’ll be bleating-on about Hose-Pipe-Bans!
Common-sense from UKIP’s Mr. Farage who suggested diverting £11,000,000,000.00p of ‘foreign-aid’ to folk at home in the UK and victims of the weather