Monthly Archives: March 2014

Thursday 27th March 2014.

Noticed a funny thing with a few of our coins lately. One or two were rusty ?! Some of them too are magnetic.
Apparently the low-rate tax threshold is to be upped to £10,500 I believe. It’s already that for those of us on about half of minimum-wage and so, if it isn’t increased, we’ll be losing-out…just thought I’d mention it…
Watched the Nick/Nige debate last night on a ‘net channel (Guido). It was either that or wall to wall Corrie! I mean, there’s make-believe and make-believe isn’t there? And that nice Mr. Clegg does take the concept: ‘misguided’, to serious new heights!
There’s another, similar debate shortly, on the eu-friendly beeb. So that’ll be a waste of time…
Mind you, without the threat of jail backing them up, time maybe running-out for such institutions.
Just seen something awesome. A photo of a group of camouflage suited soldiers…wearing hi-viz jackets…I mean…

Sunday 16th March 2014.

Deadly quiet in Radcliffe this morning and, passing through, all the major ‘works’ could be checked-out. I’ve heard a word or two about The Baths.
And, when you look at The Baths, the building may be deemed ‘in the way’ I suppose. But, of what I dunno. Put it this way, a big new ‘complex’ in say, well, perhaps Bury…(where else) would be far more revenue prone without any competition wouldn’t it?
Not to worry Radcliffe swimmers! There’s always the Wharf!
Strangely that too (The Wharf) was a ‘works’ a few years back. One day, folk hope, it’ll be put right…
Silence around the Piazza Porta-Cabins too. In all respects…
…while the car-park at the Metrolink Station is fenced-off as another ‘works’.
Interestingly, all these ‘works’ were ‘visited’ within about an hour or less and a return ride was made back along the canal from Warth and then up Banana Walk. Why?
Because early on a Sunday morning there are literally no cars about!
Awesome eh?
There’s a TV programme featuring actor Timothy West and his Mrs. actress Prunella Scales. It’s about barges and narrowboats. It’s brilliant and shows you just what can be achieved when you’ve got an old canal lying about doing nothing…I mean, if only we in Radcliffe had one…

Friday 14th March 2014.

Quite sunny but cold this morning as folk are working away at the Metrolink Car-Park.
Strangely, I can’t really recall a time when the Metrolink was ‘fully operational’. Right now the Radcliffe station car-park is a building-site and services are curtailed by work at Victoria (?) I think. But one day…perhaps…
The Metrolink is a tram system. It makes you wonder what’ll happen when hs2 kicks-off.

Monday 3rd March 2014.

Yesterday Radcliffe Market porta-cabins – today the Metro-Link car-park is closed unless you’re picking-up or dropping off. The car-park there is being enlarged vertically I believe.
Watched Top Gear last night and it was literally a bash-the-cyclist rant from those well-funded at the bbc. Two presenters cycled around London to find-out what cycling was like. Natch actual bicycle choice was abysmal so whaddya expect when pedalling busy streets? But they did show a really good Road Bike later in the programme. (You get what you pay for with a bicycle)
But, hey ho, at least Jennifer and May got a bit of exercise at last. The cars featured in the programme ranged from (reasonably-priced) £15,000.00p to £600,000.00p so not many northern (private-sector?) workers would be on the buyers lists and, around here, after nine fifteen, the roads are empty of cars!
So, rather than test-ride bicycles for a few hours (with film-crews watching etc.) why not try a none bbc-funded edition of Top Gear? Just to find-out what life is like when you have to invest your own money to get a return…(and, eventually, buy a car…)
Cycling for fun is one thing, but for many, increasingly, it’s a necessity and does, modestly, ‘fund’, privately, quite a few UK grafters (and thus the bbc licence fee!). So don’t knock it!