Monday 3rd March 2014.

Yesterday Radcliffe Market porta-cabins – today the Metro-Link car-park is closed unless you’re picking-up or dropping off. The car-park there is being enlarged vertically I believe.
Watched Top Gear last night and it was literally a bash-the-cyclist rant from those well-funded at the bbc. Two presenters cycled around London to find-out what cycling was like. Natch actual bicycle choice was abysmal so whaddya expect when pedalling busy streets? But they did show a really good Road Bike later in the programme. (You get what you pay for with a bicycle)
But, hey ho, at least Jennifer and May got a bit of exercise at last. The cars featured in the programme ranged from (reasonably-priced) £15,000.00p to £600,000.00p so not many northern (private-sector?) workers would be on the buyers lists and, around here, after nine fifteen, the roads are empty of cars!
So, rather than test-ride bicycles for a few hours (with film-crews watching etc.) why not try a none bbc-funded edition of Top Gear? Just to find-out what life is like when you have to invest your own money to get a return…(and, eventually, buy a car…)
Cycling for fun is one thing, but for many, increasingly, it’s a necessity and does, modestly, ‘fund’, privately, quite a few UK grafters (and thus the bbc licence fee!). So don’t knock it!

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