Sunday 16th March 2014.

Deadly quiet in Radcliffe this morning and, passing through, all the major ‘works’ could be checked-out. I’ve heard a word or two about The Baths.
And, when you look at The Baths, the building may be deemed ‘in the way’ I suppose. But, of what I dunno. Put it this way, a big new ‘complex’ in say, well, perhaps Bury…(where else) would be far more revenue prone without any competition wouldn’t it?
Not to worry Radcliffe swimmers! There’s always the Wharf!
Strangely that too (The Wharf) was a ‘works’ a few years back. One day, folk hope, it’ll be put right…
Silence around the Piazza Porta-Cabins too. In all respects…
…while the car-park at the Metrolink Station is fenced-off as another ‘works’.
Interestingly, all these ‘works’ were ‘visited’ within about an hour or less and a return ride was made back along the canal from Warth and then up Banana Walk. Why?
Because early on a Sunday morning there are literally no cars about!
Awesome eh?
There’s a TV programme featuring actor Timothy West and his Mrs. actress Prunella Scales. It’s about barges and narrowboats. It’s brilliant and shows you just what can be achieved when you’ve got an old canal lying about doing nothing…I mean, if only we in Radcliffe had one…

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