Thursday 27th March 2014.

Noticed a funny thing with a few of our coins lately. One or two were rusty ?! Some of them too are magnetic.
Apparently the low-rate tax threshold is to be upped to £10,500 I believe. It’s already that for those of us on about half of minimum-wage and so, if it isn’t increased, we’ll be losing-out…just thought I’d mention it…
Watched the Nick/Nige debate last night on a ‘net channel (Guido). It was either that or wall to wall Corrie! I mean, there’s make-believe and make-believe isn’t there? And that nice Mr. Clegg does take the concept: ‘misguided’, to serious new heights!
There’s another, similar debate shortly, on the eu-friendly beeb. So that’ll be a waste of time…
Mind you, without the threat of jail backing them up, time maybe running-out for such institutions.
Just seen something awesome. A photo of a group of camouflage suited soldiers…wearing hi-viz jackets…I mean…

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