Monthly Archives: May 2014

Tuesday 27th May 2014.

Was passing St. Gabriels School at Bury and noticed a rather unusual plant in the ‘front garden’. The school is only say 100 yards from the River Irwell and at a guess I’d say the plant (there are actually two) was Giant Hogweed.
The plant is small, as yet, so may not have seeded.
I’m not sure if anyone was at the school this morning.
Be careful if handling these plants!

Monday 26th May 2014.

Warm and sunny this morning and so I ventured the Bank Holiday roads to check-out the traffic-jams…
Not a lot along Bury Road and Dumers Lane was positively asleep!
So much so that I went around Close Park to check out Hogweed Heaven again.
It’s getting exciting around there (See Hogweed Heaven Page) as the Hogweeds continue growing…
But then, I thought, Manchester Road is bound to be jammed with Bank Holiday traffic, so I went there…
So, not much to see around Radcliffe roads…
…but there were cobbles in a puddle up Bury…

Sunday 25th May 2014.

Hardly any traffic this morning and so a trip around the Radcliffe Building Sites was done. There’s a few skips full of rubbish at Radcliffe Market but everything else looks the same. Perhaps they’ve just given it a good sweep-up and that’ll be it! (Joking folks!)
But the Metro car-park is coming along nicely – and a Metro-link tram was actually running – I saw it!
After that there were several twitchers up at Elton – apparently, for the first time in 100 years, (I quote) “The Little Bittern has been spotted!”
The twitchers were parking-up at the sailing club and walking the embankment to The Radcliffe End of the res. to (hopefully!) spot the Little Bittern.
Meself I like the swans on the canal. Sadly only two cygnets seen this morning…
…amongst other things!

Friday 23rd May 2014.

Cold, wet and windy this morning in Radcliffe. And everywhere, metaphorically, for the political establishment. Local council elections have gone UKIP’s way and, despite a low turn-out, folk will be wondering what the euro-elections will reveal (Sunday).
A geological survey has revealed ‘billions of barrels of oil’ under the south east of England. This is good but we’ll need many, many more UKIP votes before we can actually use it!
Apparently in 2015 the first plastic currency notes will be issued by the Clydesdale Bank. I wondered what they were doing with all that recyclable plastic in the blue wheelie-bins!
(Will cheques be made of rubber?)

Wednesday 21st May 2014.

For almost a year those approaching pensionable age have been reading (etc) with interest about the new £155 a week flat rate old age pension that’ll be a doddle to ‘understand’.
Not so apparently. It’s a minefield of gobbledegook and obfuscation and many, many folk may not qualify (?!?) for the full flat rate of £155.
Amongst the usual mind-boggling small-print, so loved by poli’s, is the stealthy increase, from 30 to 35 years needed, to qualify for any friggin’ pension!
It’s just another financial swipe at OAP’s who’ve been robbed blind in the past few years by successive governmental goal-post-moving.
So tomorrow, Thursday the 22nd May 2014, might be the day when many folk vent a feeling or two. Particularly older folk…

Monday 19th May 2014.

A drop of rain this morning but ‘busy’ by the canal…
Was at the far-end of Close Park again last night and the Hogweed plantation is awesome along the Irwell/Roach banks. Some are over five feet high already and many are developing seed pods. There’s extensive Japanese Knotweed growths and soon Himalayan Balsam will be everywhere and ten feet high. The latter two are harmless but Hogweed is not and can be nasty.
A few pics, taken last night, are in Hogweed Heaven.
Reports of ‘twenty-foot-tall’ Hogweed plants are on The ‘net but the tallest I’ve seen are about eight feet high. One or two a touch more. Along the Irwell banks, by the Wellington Street viaduct in Bury, a plantation at river level seemed to reach as high as the small footbridge…if so they’d be (well) over eight feet high. But they were never measured.
At Warth, next to the posh garden-centre, a few specimen plants last year must have been eight feet high, but some confuse our eye by growing on the side of lumps and bumps of earth by the river and streams in that area.
Where the Irwell touches upon our town streets (such as Church Street by the old Radcliffe Times building) Hogweed grow. Be carefull if passing by.
Went to Close Park in the afternoon for a walk. Ed followed on uni. Very warm!

Tuesday 13th May 2014.

Almost picturesque looking from Hinds (farm) Lane across to Radcliffe and surrounding areas. Turn around, to the Bury side, and it’s all Hogweed and Knotweed!
The problem with Hogweed is: It rots human flesh. The problem with Knotweed is: It demolishes buildings (etc) by growing through them.
Himalayan Balsam is harmless but it grows everywhere and hides things.
It would be prudent then to ensure that ‘New Builds’ such as the proposed HS2 route is clear of all such problems. What did they say it would cost? £50 odd billion? Mmmm…better revise that eh?
Many are asking if HS2 will be viable. Answer?
If it were viable there’d already be one. There isn’t. So it isn’t.
HS2 locomotives burn money.
Steam locomotives can burn anything. Coal, wood, Hogweeds, Knotweeds, Balsam….